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Warren County football coach answers criticism stemming from Aquinas game

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Warren County football coach David Daniel had a statement sent out addressing this past Friday’s game against Aquinas that left two Irish players out for the remainder of the season after they suffered injuries.

Here is Daniel’s statement:

“It is so unfortunate that players get hurt playing the highly competitive game of football. My heart goes out to all those players that have season ending injuries. Our game with Aquinas was a hard fought and well deserved win for our team. It grieves me that some disparaging comments were made to imply that our players would intentionally hurt our opposing team players. The nature of the game is highly competitive and physical in nature. In the past we have lost key players to season ending injuries. No team is immune to those types of injuries. I can assure you that our players are coached to play by the rules and taught the proper techniques of the game.

I reviewed the game film and saw hits on both sides of the ball that all the coaches from both sides would not teach nor condone. The officials, I thought, did a remarkable job of officiating our contest. I wish the Aquinas team the best in the playoffs and those injured players a speedy and full recovery.”

Warren County Schools Superintendent Carole Jean Carey said she called Aquinas Principal Christine Paul and talked about the game, adding the two sides are “OK.” Carey said it was just a “really hard-fought game” with hard hits on both sides.

Daniel himself is recovering from the postgame incident after the Hancock Central game. Carey said Daniel has been cleared to work for four hours a day.

The case is still under investigation and both Carey and Warren County Principal Kaveous Preston have voluntarily taken lie detector tests to back up some of their allegations.

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hockeymann 11/11/11 - 03:16 am
Obviously Mr. Daniel is

Obviously Mr. Daniel is unaware of his own remarks before the game, wherein he was quoted on tape as saying he would have his guys take out a couple of Aquinas players..After this, I feel sure the Hancock County players were probablky only retaliating to more dirty play by Warren Cty.
players...Similar happened at Lincoln Cty. with Warren County. Lincoln's
coach Campbell is probably as fine a coach and man as you could find in
the business, and even he wouldn't shake hands with Daniel after their
game, because of dirty play in that game too. Three separate schools
with problems with Warren County playing dirty. Instead of the media
piling on Hancock County, they should be looking at Warren County and
Coach Daniel for the problem. Here's hoping the GHSA takes action against Daniel and Warren County.

BubbaOne 11/11/11 - 12:20 pm
David Daniel is as fine a

David Daniel is as fine a person/coach as I have ever met. To even imply that he would instigate such tactics against his team's football opponents is ludricrous. I would strongly encourage Mr. Daniel to aggressively pursue all criminal and civil avenues that are available to him . Hancock Central's Principal, Athletic Director, and football coaches/players must be held accountable.

scottswann 11/11/11 - 01:04 pm
These attacks by Aquinas

These attacks by Aquinas supporters are getting out of hand. This latest comment actually borders on libel and I want to call for an immediate retraction by the author.

I do the play-by-play on the internet and radio for Warren County. I thought the Aquinas game was a hard fought game by both teams with hits that could be considered questionable by players from both sides. That's football. You see it throughout every level. Everyone at Warren County is sad to hear of the injuries to the Aquinas players.

The idea that anyone associated with Warren County went into that game wanting to hurt someone is simply untrue. You state that Coach Daniel "was quoted on tape as saying he would have his guys take out a couple of Aquinas players." I say show me the tape. Coach Daniel would never say such a thing. I don't know of a coach in the state that would say anything like that. Unless you can produce such a tape, I submit that you have in effect commited libel with your post.

The young man involved in the play that you describe was very upset about it at the time. He immediately went to one of his coaches and said that he hit him too low. He kept saying that he didn't mean to do it, but it just happened. He felt very bad about it at the time. I hope you feel better knowing that as a grown man, you are helping to make him feel worse about it now.

You mention the Lincoln County game with obviously little knowledge of what happened. There was no dirty play on behalf of either team in that game. The Warren County/Lincoln County game was one of the greatest high school football games I have ever been a part of. The only questionable "dirty" play was a horsecollar tackle by Lincoln County to save a touchdown. Warren County never complained that the play cost us the game. We never complained that the tackle was dirty. That's football.

The only problem after the game was a misunderstanding between COACHES! The players were trying to shake hands. The misunderstanding was cleared up and as far as I know, Coach Campbell holds no ill will towards Warren County.

As for the Hancock incident, again I ask, were you there? There was no "dirty play" by Warren County in that game. Even if there was, no amount of "dirty play" on the field would justify what happened after that game.

Again, I would really like to hear your tape of Coach Daniel's comments. If you can't produce the tape, then I expect you to issue a full retraction of your comments.

scottswann 11/11/11 - 04:19 pm
Obviously Hockymann has

Obviously Hockymann has little knowledge of the people or the events of which he is commenting. His comments are in some cases blatantly false and also border on libelous. While I appreciate his support of his Alma Mater, Hockymann's attack of Warren County High School can not be allowed to go unanswered.

Hockymann, you state, "...he was quoted on tape as saying he would have his guys take out a couple of Aquinas players." I challenge you to produce evidence of such a tape. Show me where Coach Daniel ever said those things. Your statement is a serious insult to the character of a man who has dedicated almost 40 years to the coaching profession and could be considered libelous if you have no proof of your claims. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who would agree with your assessment of Coach Daniel. To make such a statement without proof is unconscionable.

Dr. Preston requests that you bring any tape that you have of Coach Daniel making that statement to his attention. Our administration is one that strives to do the right thing and is willing to make the tough calls. If you have evidence that our coach said what you charge, they are willing to act.

You also bring into question what happened at the Lincoln County game. Your comments make it apparent that you again have no understanding of the facts. Coach Campbell did not refuse to shake Coach Daniel's hand. To the contrary, he was trying to shake his hand. There was simply a misunderstanding between the two men. Both teams were trying to shake hands. There were no "dirty plays" by either team during the game. It was one of the greatest games that I have ever seen. I challenge you to call Coach Campbell and ask the man himself and then come back to give us a report of his opinion of Coach Daniel and Warren County's team.

As for your comments about the Hancock game, nothing that could have happened during a football game would justify what happened to Coach Daniel after the game. For you to suggest otherwise is juvenile. If you had been at the game or had seen the film you would know that Warren County did nothing in that game to warrant what happened afterwards.

I am sorry that anyone was hurt in the game between Aquinas and Warren County. I can assure you that the player you have accused of trying to hurt someone intentionally feels worse than anyone else over what happened. The first thing he told his coach was that it was an accident and that he didn't mean to hurt anyone. He told him that meant to hit him in the upper thigh area and got a little too low. I will say that he has handled the attacks to his character much better than those who have sought to tear him down have however.

Once again, our principal encourages you to make available to him any evidence of the charge you have levied against Coach Daniel. Dr. Preston is a man of action and you can be sure that action will be taken if you have proof. If you have no proof of your claim, then I DEMAND that you retract your words and issue a public apology to Coach Daniel and Warren County.

spokenreasons4 11/11/11 - 11:16 pm
Why is everyone attacking

Why is everyone attacking Warren County? Granite, I have not seen any video from the game but it is FOOTBALL not golf. Cry me a private school river Irish

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