Classic Non-Pro Champions

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(tie)2012 Oh Miss Peacock (222) Patrick and Laura Collins Patrick Collins

(tie)2012 Aristo Jazz (222) Diana Helm Diana Helm

2011 Catlike Kit (220) Ray Baldwin Ray Baldwin

2010 Sugar Widows (224) Van E. Holcombe Seth E. Holcombe

2009 Jazzy Touche (223) Skip and Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth Queen

2008 Soda Rey Bay (222) Matt Miller Matt Miller

2007 Sister CD (227) Skip and Elizabeth Queen Skip Queen

2006 Annabella Lea (222) Benjie Neeley Benjie Neely

2005 Quejanaisalena (222) Greg Coalson Greg Coalson

2004 Zacks Lena (227) James Vangilder James Vangilder

2003 Sonita Lena Chick (223) Bucki James Bucki James

2002 Tys Twister DG (223) Skip and Elizabeth Queen Skip Queen

2001 Cool Little Feet (222) H.B. and Deborah Kelley Bartlett Deborah Kelley Bartlett

2000 Hickory Bar Bully (220.5) Jerry Durant Jerry Durant

1999 Pastels Smart Lena (224) Phil and Mary Ann Rapp Phil Rapp

1998 Smart Little Jerry (224) Phil and Mary Ann Rapp Phil Rapp

1997 SPL Altisimo (221) Tommy Manion Tommy Manion

1996 Dixie Dual (221) Paul and Julie Hansma Julie Hansma

1995 Haidas Dude (221) Silverbrook Ranches Helen Groves

1994 Susie Dry (224.5) Dick Cogdell Dick Cogdell

1993 Shesa Little Acorn (219.5) Billy Martin Billy Martin

1992 Smartolena (218.5) Tommy Manion Tommy Manion

1991 Smart Whittle Wena (219) Julie Roddy Julie Roddy

1990 Squeak Toy (222) Norman Bruce Norman Bruce

1989 Docs Lone Oak (218.5) Billy Parker Billy Parker

1988 Scarlet O Lena (222) Oxbow Ranch Dan Lufkin

1987 Pams Moon Bar (221) Tom Lyons Tootie Lyons

1986 Freckles Lady Lena (216.5) Sheila Adams Sheila Adams

1985 Sugars Starlight (216) Lee Holsey Lee Holsey

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