Ex-Georgia player Alex Ogletree tries to raise his stock

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INDIANAPOLIS — Alec Ogletree is hoping he can prove to teams that he’s worth the risk of a high NFL Draft pick.

Georgia reserve tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith   AP
Georgia reserve tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith

Ogletree has had his share of problems since arriving at Georgia, a list that includes a four-game suspension to start last season for an undisclosed violation of team rules and last weekend’s DUI arrest.

When he showed up to take reporters’ questions Saturday, the fourth day of the league’s annual scouting combine in Indianapolis, the first five questions were about his past mistakes and whether it will affect his draft stock.

“I don’t really know what it’s going to do, but like I said, I feel bad about it and I’m really sorry about it,” Ogletree said. “I just have to move forward and take what I get.”

Manti Te’o walked into a crowded room of reporters, took a breath and settled in for 15 minutes of NFL scouting combine history.

Again, the former Notre Dame linebacker explained how he had been duped into an Internet romance he had with a girlfriend he never met. He did his best to turn the page on an embarrassing chapter by talking football. This time, he even got to see it play out on live television 12 yards away – where three muted flat-screen monitors were in direct view of Te’o.

He answered every question with thoughtful deliberation and tried to provide clarity on a hoax that turned one of the nation’s most inspirational college football players into the butt of national jokes.

“I cared for somebody. That’s what I was taught to do ever since I was young. Somebody needs help, you help them out,” Te’o said.

Te’o said in the two formal interviews he’s had, with Green Bay and Houston, they have asked about the hoax. He has another 18 left.

GEORGIA: Reserve tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith was arrested Friday night on a misdemeanor charge of filing a false report of a crime.

University of Georgia police chief Jimmy Williamson said that Flournoy-Smith filed a police report with UGA in the past few days about stolen textbooks.

“He went through this whole story of his books being stolen,” Williamson said. “We started looking into it and it was determined that the books were not stolen. He had taken his own books down to a local book buying company and sold them back to them.”

Williamson said that Flournoy-Smith, who just completed his freshman season, appeared to have filed the false police report because there was a process with the Athletic Association in which Flournoy-Smith had to explain the lost textbooks.

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younameit 02/24/13 - 12:38 pm

When will UGA demand that its players obey the law in order to remain in school?

rmwhitley 02/23/13 - 06:37 pm

just goes to the recruiting process at all universities. Character is not part of the criteria. Ergo all of the "criminals" in the nba and nfl! Universities give their players 5 mulligans. When they blow those, they give them another 5. The pros are mostly thugs from da hood. Zero character.

Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 02/24/13 - 02:20 pm
younameit, believe me when I

younameit, believe me when I say that I'm not going to debate you about this...the facts speak for themselves. However, I would like to submit that it is preposterous to think that the other schools don't have the same problems. With that being said, the first thing that a potential debator would bring up is that these other schools don't seem to have the same track record with publicized infractions. THAT is the point! Other schools DO have problems with kids that commit all sorts of illegal offenses, but those offenses are either NOT publicized or they are not charged. WHAT??? For that to happen, either the press and/or the police have to be willing to look the other way?? Is that possible?? The athletic departments at these other schools spend just as much time kissing the tails of the local police as they do the potential incoming recruits!! It's all about "Y'all do this for us, and we'll do this for you.".
I used to worry about all the Georgia infractions, but now I just realize that Georgia comes clean with their player's offenses, and the other schools don't, not as much, anyway!
At least that's what I'm gonna keep telling myself! Makes me feel better!

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