Saturday's Regions Bank Amateur Series scores

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Regions Bank Amateur Series

Gordon Lakes PING Regions Invitational

Gordon Lakes Golf Course

Par 72

Open Division

71–Lance Johnson. 75–Trey Keepers. 76–James Garren. 77–Nick Lewis, Jay Jasmin, David Hogan, Chase Epting, Brad Davis. 79–Brad Eskierka. 80–Wayne McKinney. 82–Brandon James, Jeff Ferguson. 83–Tony Michaels, Tommy Meachum, Ryan McCook. 84–Brannon Corley. 85–Josh Partridge. 86–Ken McCall, Stephen Elle, Herman Belton. 87–Josh Morey. 88–Kevin Millward, Khris Douglas. 89–Mike Keels. 94–Andy Frye. 96–Tomas Jimenez. 97–Jason Moulton.

Senior Division

70–Tripp Kuhlke. 72–Kenny Larry. 73–Jeff Roberts, Chuck Withers. 74–George Bullard. 75–Paul Steeley, Frank Perry, Glen Hurt, Richard Felder. 76–Billy Rangos. 78–Mike Jackson. 79–Jim Seagle, Phil Nunnery. 80–Tom Millward, David Clark. 81–Amos Captain, Jim Brisson. 82–Mark Givens, Bill Dunham. 85–Charles Ponder. 90–Carl Pilcher.

Today’s Tee Times

Open Division


8:18 a.m.–Jason Moulton, Tomas Jimenez, Andy Frye. 8:26–Mike Keels, Khris Douglas, Kevin Millward. 8:34–Josh Morey, Herman Belton, Stephen Elle. 8:42–Ken McCall, Josh Partridge, Brannon Corley. 8:50–Ryan McCook, Tommy Meachum, Tony Michaels. 8:58–Jeff Ferguson, Brandon James, Wayne McKinney. 9:06–Brad Eskierka, Brad Davis, Chase Epting. 9:14–David Hogan, Jay Jasmin, Nick Lewis. 9:22–James Garren, Trey Keepers, Lance Johnson.

Senior Division


8:18 a.m.–Carl Pilcher, Charles Ponder, Bill Dunham. 8:26–Mark Givens, Jim Brisson, Amos Captain. 8:34–David Clark, Tom Millward, Phil Nunnery. 8:42–Jim Seagle, Mike Jackson, Billy Rangos. 8:50–Richard Felder, Glen Hurt, Frank Perry. 8:58–Paul Steeley, George Bullard, Chuck Withers. 9:06–Jeff Roberts, Kenny Larry, Tripp Kuhlke.

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