Classic Open

Listed by order, rider name, rider’s hometown and horse name.

1. Skip Queen, Lipan, TX, Lil Sting Rey

2. Steve Oehlhof, Grandview, TX, Million Dollar Baby

3. Mark Michels, Weatherford, TX, Smart Lookin Lucky

4. Wayne Czisny, Marietta, OK, Big Ticket Mate

5. Beau Galyean, Amarillo, TX, Miss Dual Ichi

6. Kevin Walden, Turkey, NC, Uno Chula *

7. Walt Erwin, Cleveland, GA, Athena Kitty Cat

8. Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, Acatbequick

9. Mary Guynn, Wagener, SC, Little Red Pepto

10. Sam Shepard, Verbena, AL, Boon Catalena

11. Craig Thompson, Buffalo, TX, Sanjo Play


12. John Wold, Argyle, TX, George C Merada

13. Pedro Ornelas, Aledo, TX, Rouge Blues *

14. Billy Wier, Homer, GA, Jackies Chula *

15. Zeke Entz, Collierville, TN, Quejanaisalene Glo

16. Nate Pettitt, Gillsville, GA, Cutters Edge Cat *

17. Eddie Braxton, Edgefield, SC, Shes A Peptostar

18. Grant Setnicka, Grandview, TX, Sweet Southern Grace

19. Lindy Burch, Weatherford, TX, Louellas Cat

20. Brad Mitchell, Thompson Station, TN, KF Smart Alley Pep

21. Beau Galyean, Amarillo, TX, SVR Reyl Smart

22. Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, Sweet Lil Cat 007


23. Beau Galyean, Amarillo, TX, High Dollar Cat

24. Mark Michels, Weatherford, TX, Chula Chica

25. Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, Great Chief

26. Clint Malone, Blythe, GA, PRF Cats Indian

27. Zeke Entz, Collierville, TN, WM Fat Cat

28. Gabe Reynolds, Springfield, TN, Bad Dogs And Guns *

29. Craig Thompson, Buffalo, TX, Oh Miss Peacock

30. Josh Dozier, Amory, TN, Jewels Jazzy Cat *

31. Sam Shepard, Verbena, AL, Diamond Ichi

32. Casey Don Moore, Morriston, FL, Mels Little Sassy

33. Walt Erwin, Cleveland, GA, Peach Boonshine


34. Craig Morris, Weatherford, TX, Paint Me A Pepto

35. Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, Cats In Ya Dreams

36. Steve Oehlhof, Grandview, TX, Smoother Than A Cat

37. Zeke Entz, Collierville, TN, Hickorys Handy Cat

38. Skip Queen, Lipan, TX, B Back On Time

39. Brad Mitchell, Thompson Station, TN, Cat A Rey

40. Lindy Burch, Weatherford, TX, One Rowdy Kitty

41. Walt Erwin, Cleveland, GA, Mecom Red Diablo *

42. John Wold, Argyle, TX, CM Dottie Gray

43. Eddie Braxton, Edgefield, SC, Spooked Blue

44. Kory Pounds, Lipan, TX, Bubble Wrapped Deal


45. Steve Oehlhof, Grandview, TX, Audrey Cat

46. Craig Morris, Weatherford, TX, Ima Colord Princess

47. Dirk Blakesley, Augusta, KS, Ruby Rey

48. Cory Deel, Lexington, NC, Stylish Bling *

49. Craig Thompson, Buffalo, TX, Mamas Cats A Star

50. Brad Mitchell, Thompson Station, TN, Smart Freckled Cat

51. Salvador Cabrel, Jacksboro, TX, Bawdabing Bawdaboon

52. Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, CP Jesse Cat

53. Robert Rust, Gordon, TX, Purrfecto

54. Josh Dozier, Amory, TN, One Stylishcat *

55. Lee Francois, Murchison, TX, Reys Desire


56. Sam Shepard, Verbena, AL, Cat Black I

57. Craig Morris, Weatherford, TX, Mae C Grey

58. Steve Ginn, Turkey, NC, High Livin

59. Zeke Entz, Collierville, TN, Big Bow Pepto

60. Grant Setnicka, Grandview, TX, PRF Bobby Whitesocks

61. Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, Bet Hesa Cat

62. Brad Mitchell, Thompson Station, TN, Peptos Sand Dancer

63. Michael Blewitt, Hartsville, SC, Stand Out Cat

64. Lee Francois, Murchison, TX, War Money Honey

65. Jerry King, Parkton, NC, Bet Ichi *

66. Gabe Reynolds, Springfield, TN, HL Bonita Boon

67. Beau Galyean, Amarillo, TX, Bentley Boon

*-denotes limited entries


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