What will Tiger Woods say?

Tiger Woods will break his silence today with his first public comments since his post-Thanksgiving accident.


What do you think Tiger will say?

Here are three possible scenarios:

1) Tiger announces he will return to competitive golf in March and will play in the Masters Tournament?

Pro: Tiger lives for golf and winning majors, and getting back to what he does best is the best thing he can do.

Con: It's too soon, and he still needs to focus on healing his marriage.

2) Tiger says he is not quite ready to come back yet and will resume playing later this year.

Pro: Tiger is probably rusty from his layoff, and needs more time to hone his game.

Con: Tiger has resumed from long breaks before and won right out of the gate. Delaying his comeback just leads to more speculation.

3) Tiger says he really wants to make amends and will sit out all of 2010.

Pro: Tiger gains sympathy from public for staying away and, presumably, working on his damaged relationships.

Con: Three of the four majors are at venues (Augusta National, Pebble Beach and St. Andrews) where Woods has had tremendous success. Sitting those out would put a damper on his quest to overtake Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors.




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