University of Georgia G-Day scrimmage gives away few answers

Black Team's quarterback Brice Ramsey drops back to pass during the second half of the G-Day Georgia spring football game.



ATHENS, Ga. — Georgia’s spring game might not be the biggest factor in determining the Bulldogs’ backup quarterback.

Redshirt sophomore Faton Bauta and redshirt freshman Brice Ramsey have been battling it out for the No. 2 quarterback spot all spring, leaving Saturday’s showcase to be an opportunity to show the offensive coaching staff and coach Mark Richt which young play-caller was worthy of the position.

That wasn’t entirely the case after the Bulldogs’ G-Day spring game, though.

“I’m not going to sit here and say what kind of pecking order we have because it was just one day and we’ve got a couple more days of practice left, but I thought the quarterback play overall was pretty good today,” Richt said.

It’s safe to say Bauta had the better day after four quarters. The 6-foot-3, 216-pound quarterback from West Palm Beach, Fla., connected on 16 of 28 passes for 232 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.

The redshirt sophomore did it in a full-contact jersey, leaving no chance for referees to call the play dead in the backfield if he were touched.

“Faton, I think, made a wise decision to go with the normal-colored jersey,” Richt said. “To play live allowed him to show what he can do athletically to add to his game. I think he did a very nice job.”

Bauta has played in a full-contact jersey in all of Georgia’s scrimmages this spring, and said it’s just part of his game. His athleticism allowed him to rush for 35 yards on six attempts Saturday.

“Sometimes the pocket broke down (and) I was able to get out and there was some wide open field and so you know I’m just going to take it,” Bauta said. “We’re taught not to be greedy as quarterbacks and we’re supposed to take what the defense gives us, so that’s what I look at it as.”

While Ramsey didn’t have the G-Day showcase he would have liked, he wasn’t down on himself. He’s said he’s got a long way to go still, and he’s willing to accept that challenge.

“Obviously, we’ve had multiple closed practices and closed scrimmages and all people really get are the stats and whatever, but at the same time, I’ve been making strides this spring compared to last spring,” Ramsey said. “I’m still striving to get better and better each and every day and I’m just excited for the rest of the year.”

Ramsey hit on just two of his 13 pass attempts for a total of 78 yards and one interception on Saturday as opposed to his nine completions for 114 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in Georgia’s second spring scrimmage.

Saturday simply didn’t work out that well for the 6-3, 215-pound quarterback out of Camden County.

“I obviously struggled a little bit (and) couldn’t find a rhythm,” Ramsey said. “But I still felt overall good. By the end of the day I was still making the right reads.”

Regardless of how Georgia’s final spring scrimmage played out for either quarterback, you can take it from Richt – it’s just one day.

“It reminds me of back when I played quarterback back in my day,” Richt said. “I had this great spring game, but I probably wasn’t having that great of a spring.”

Richt reflected on how he thought he should have been the starter at that point in his career at Miami, but it was Jim Kelly’s job instead.

“I think I can finally admit that Coach (Howard) Schnellenberger was probably right, but it was hard for me and my mom to believe that was the truth,” Richt said with a laugh. “And he said it back then, ‘You did a good job, but it’s just one day,’ and I got mad, but he was right.”

A decision on who Georgia’s backup quarterback is going to be will be made – one day.