Georgia president expects playoff by 2014

University of Georgia president Michael Adams (left), shown with Falcons owner Arthur Blank in November, says he believes college football will end up with either a four- or eight-team playoff to determine a champ by 2014.



ATHENS, Ga. — University of Georgia president Michael Adams believes a college football playoff is only a couple of years away from becoming a reality.

Adams shared that view with the UGA Athletic Association board executive committee Wednesday.

“My best guess is we’re going to end up with either a four or eight-team playoff by the time we get to ’14,” Adams said.

The board also heard behind closed doors at their winter meeting about negotiations for a contract extension for Bulldogs football coach Mark Richt.

“There’s some lawyering to be done yet, but we’re in 98 percent agreement and the other two percent is just minor details,” Adams said after the meeting.

There’s major details to come on a college football playoff.

Adams called the Big Ten’s decision to consider a playoff this week a “very significant development” because he said the Big Ten and what’s now the Pac-12 “killed it” in the past.

“The conference commissioners are finally coming together on that point,” Adams said. “There’s been great division among the commissioners the last six or eight years. The change in the conference realignments, the fact that most of the media contracts are up in either ’13 or ’14 are creating a situation. If there’s going to be a change, this is probably the natural time to do it.”

A Big Ten plan would remove the top four teams from a BCS bowl pool and have semifinal games played on college campuses, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Adams proposed an eight-team playoff in early 2008 and thinks the idea of some form of a playoff is approaching.

“I don’t say this about very much, but I think we were at the front of the train on that issue,” Adams told reporters. “I could see it down the track and I think we will end up with something that I think the fans feel better about. We may never get anything that the fans feel perfectly happy about.

“One of my major concerns all along has been that I didn’t think we were paying enough attention to the fans who foot the bills for all this. I think that realization is beginning to come home.”

There will be meetings later this month on a possible format change, BCS executive director Bill Hancock told the Associated Press.



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