Georgia might hike football ticket price



GREENSBORO, Ga. --A Georgia football ticket price hike appears to be on the horizon.

Athletic director Greg McGarity told the UGA Athletic Association board of directors at its spring meeting on Friday that a “modest increase” for the 2015 season will be discussed at the fall meeting in September.

“We have limited ways to generate revenue,” McGarity said after the meeting at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge on Lake Oconee. “Unless we have increases in SEC money, which we don’t know, nobody knows what the TV network is going to generate but that’s our really only other revenue source that we have.”

Georgia hasn’t raised ticket prices across-the-board since 2008, but in 2012 did raise prices for the Florida game in Jacksonville from $40 to $60 and for club seating from $70 to $100.

McGarity said discussions are already underway with the 12-person Bulldog Club advisory board about an increase.

“We bounce all these ideas off of that, but I think they’re going to be in favor of recommending some adjustment,” McGarity said. “It gives us time to gather the most relevant data.”

McGarity said Georgia nets about $2.25 million per game and he said an increase would also help a coming “bidding war” to line up nonconference opponents with guarantees even those not in the big five conferences.

Ticket prices currently are $40 for season ticket holders and $45 for single game tickets, McGarity said/ Tickets in the visiting ticket allotment go for the same price that those schools charge Georgia.

McGarity didn’t specify what a “modest increase,” would be.

“I don’t want to get tagged with a number, but it’s something that will make sense,” he said. “As the budget will show we’re being required to do more things for students, which we want to do and to do that we’ve got to generate more money. The expenses are not going down.”

Georgia is sold out for football season tickets for this year, which accounts for about 55,000 tickets. Single game tickets remain available.

Contributions for the right to purchase season tickets through the Hartman Fund raised $24.3 million this year.