Not-so-secret 'mailbox' yields prize winning largemouth

Reno Reasoner holds up his 10.22-pound largemouth landed at his favorite fishing hole, "the mailbox."

Reno Reasoner has endured years of ribbing from his angling pals over all the time he spends in one particular cove at Thurmond Lake.


They joked that he should have his mail sent there – and later installed a mailbox on the remote shoreline, with “RENO” in huge letters that glow in the dark.

Last weekend, however, the joke went in a different direction, when the Columbia County angler’s not-so-secret honey hole produced a 10.22-pound largemouth that captured the Big Fish prize in the Clarks Hill Top Six Bass Tournament.

Reasoner, sponsored by his club, Belvedere Bass Busters, actually ended up stuck at “the mailbox” after his boat battery died.

He did what any stranded angler would do – he called his wife and asked her to buy a new battery and deliver it to a family friend at the boat landing.

And in the meantime, he kept on fishing.

“I called Reno at 10:01 to tell him I was at Pollards Corner and would be there in a few minutes,” Angie Reasoner said. “At 10:15 his friend arrived at the dock to get the battery. When his buddy arrived at mailbox cove it was 10:22 a.m. and he saw Reno struggling to get this big fish in the boat and hollering ’hold ’em hook!, hold ’em hook!’”

The giant fish earned Reasoner 10th place in the 126-person field, with a two-day weight of 27.22 pounds.



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