Share your best deer hunting photos this season in the Sportsmans Scrapbook

Deer hunters hoping to catch a glimpse of a big buck already know one place to look: right here in The Augusta Chronicle.


Each year, we get scores of images from proud hunters (and their siblings, parents and spouses) that help showcase some of the region’s best whitetails.

This season, as part of our efforts to cultivate an expanding digital audience, we will continue to offer our online Sportsmans Scrapbook, but with some added bells and whistles.

First, it is now a community gallery in our Spotted section, which means you can upload your own photos if you choose – or you can e-mail them to me, with caption details, and I will include them for you.

Visit It is being updated as often as possible. My e-mail is, and please send just one image that you consider the best.

We will also use occasional images in our print editions, as space allows.

Please remember, though, that caped heads, dangling tongues and bloody deer piled in truck beds don’t make great photos.

If you plan to photograph your buck, for the newspaper or any other purpose, here are some tips:

• Take plenty of photos, both close and far away and at various angles.

• Use a camera with good resolution. Some cell phone photos are unusable.

• Wipe away any blood around the nose or mouth. If the tongue is dangling, tuck it back in.

• Take your photos before the deer is cleaned or caped.

• Choose a well-lighted area, preferably in an outdoor setting, to pose and photograph your trophy.

• Get up close for your photos. A close, tight shot showing the antlers and the hunter always makes a good photo. Tilt antlers slightly left or right to show all the tines.

• Take photos in daylight when possible. If you kill your deer on an evening hunt, use a good flash.

• Smile! So many photos show hunters who look like they are in pain. If you took a trophy buck, look happy!



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