UCI wants to take over Amstrong doping case

Lance Armstrong is being accused of doping by the USADA. The UCI feels it's the authority that should be in charge of the case.

NEW YORK — Cycling’s international governing body is pressing its case for jurisdiction over the doping case against Lance Armstrong.


In a statement released Saturday, the International Cycling Union (UCI) argues that it – and not the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency – is the authority that should handle the Armstrong case.

USADA officials disagree, and say that with so much corruption in cycling, UCI has a strong motivation not to reveal the truth.

USADA has accused Armstrong of performance-enhancing drug use throughout his career, from his seven Tour de France victories from 1999-2005 through his comeback a few years ago. Armstrong vehemently denies the charges and says the USADA arbitration process is unfair.

Armstrong could lose his Tour titles if he is found to have doped.

He has sued in federal district court in Austin, Texas, to stop the USADA’s effort from moving forward.

A hearing in the case is scheduled to be held on Friday.

The spat between UCI and USADA came to light on Friday when an exchange of letter was added to court
records in the federal lawsuit.

“UCI and the participants in the conspiracy who cheated sport with dangerous performance enhancing drugs to win have a strong incentive to cover up what transpired,” USADA CEO Travis Tygart said.

But in its statement on Saturday, UCI complained that USADA has refused to share its evidence – not only with Armstrong but with the UCI itself.

“It is amazing to see how USADA accuses the respondents of cover up whilst USADA refuses to reveal the evidence that it claims to exist,” the statement signed “UCI communications service” said.

‘’According to the World Anti-Doping Code and UCI’s Anti-Doping Rules that USADA claims to apply, the UCI is the authority having results management for this case.”