IOC seeks probe of badminton coaches, officials

LONDON — The IOC is urging the Chinese, South Korean and Indonesian national Olympic committees to investigate the coaches of the badminton players who were disqualified for trying to lose matches.


“We have asked the NOCs to look into the entourage issue to see if there are questions to be answered there,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said Thursday.

The International Olympic Committee wants team coaches, trainers or officials to be punished if they encouraged or ordered the players to lose deliberately.

Four women’s doubles teams were kicked out of the competition Wednesday after playing badly to secure a more favorable draw in the next round.

Adams said the three national committees are now in the process of expelling the players from the games, taking away their accreditations, removing them from the athletes village and sending them home.

Chinese coach Li Yongbo has apologized and accepted blame for the conduct of his doubles teams.

“As the head coach, I owe the fans and the Chinese an apology,” the official Chinese news agency Xinhua quoted Li as saying. “Chinese players failed to demonstrate their fighting spirit of the national team. It’s me to blame.”

Defending Olympic champion Yu Yang, of China, went further by announcing her retirement.

BRIT CELEBRATES: Bradley Wiggins promised to forgo the traditional flute of champagne when he won the Tour de France. The British cyclist made up for it after winning an Olympic gold medal with a booze binge.

Wiggins celebrated with a full hedonistic sprint. “Getting wasted,” he posted on Twitter.

REFEREE EXPELLED: A boxing referee from Turkmenistan was expelled for his handling of a bout in which the result was overturned.

AIBA, boxing’s governing federation, released a statement saying referee Ishanguly Meretnyyazov “is on his way back home.”

German referee Frank Scharmach was suspended for his decision to disqualify an Iranian heavyweight, and technical official Aghajan Abiyev, of Azerbaijan, was expelled.

In a bantamweight bout, Magomed Abdulhamidov, of Azerbaijan, fell to the canvas six times in the third round against Satoshi Shimizu, of Japan, yet still won a 22-17 decision.

Meretnyyazov allowed the fight to continue after each tumble. AIBA overturned the result.

Iran’s Ali Mazaheri was disqualified in his bout with Cuba’s Jose Larduet after several warnings for holding from Scharmach, who waved off the fight in the second round.

Mazaheri claimed it was “a fix.”



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