Ex-Tiger Jarvis Jenkins latest Redskins player suspended for violation drug policy

RICHMOND, Va. — Washington Redskins defensive end Jarvis Jenkins was suspended Friday for violating the NFL’s drugs policy.


Jenkins, who was taken with the 41st pick in the 2011 draft out of Clemson, is the eighth Redskins player to receive an NFL drugs-related suspension in 22 months.

Expected to start at defensive end, Jenkins, will instead miss the first four games of the regular season. He will be eligible to return to the active roster on Sept. 30, following the Week 4 game against the Oakland Raiders.

Jenkins, who was on the practice field at training camp working with the first-string unit when the suspension was announced, released a statement saying he was “shocked and confused” to learn that he had tested positive for what he called “an obscure substance.” Then he addressed reporters at length following the practice, apologizing to fans, the team and his parents.

“It was a simple mistake,” he said, “but I’m accepting my responsibilities like a man.”

Jenkins said he takes pre-workout and recovery supplements. He said he checked the ingredients of the supplement, but he learned that’s not a failsafe method. In March, he was informed that he had tested positive for a substance women take for breast cancer and that has also been used by athletes in connection with steroids.

Jenkins appealed the suspension, but the league ruled against him.

VIKINGS: Running back Adrian Peterson would eagerly take a test for human growth hormone.

“I can’t wait until they draw my blood,” Peterson said Friday after the team’s first workout of training camp.

“To be honest with you, I’ve been hoping they did this a long time ago, you know, evening out the playing field and make guys be honest and truthful to themselves,” Peterson said, later adding: “I’m all natural. I work hard. This right here, it’s a test for me personally, that I know that, ‘Hey, I’m clean as a whistle,’ and other guys as well. And then, like I say, it’ll bring some guys to the forefront and be like, ‘Hey, I guess this is how this guy’s been performing so well.’”

Peterson said he believes HGH use is not uncommon around the league.

“You’ve got guys out there trying to provide for their families, they’re going to try to get that edge, get that advantage, especially if they’re not worried about trying to get caught,” Peterson said. “Yeah, it’s being used.”

JETS: Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith both had solid performances on the first day of training camp as they compete to be the starting quarterback.

Sanchez led the first-team offense, and it is expected the two will alternate throughout camp – as they did during off-season practices. He said he’s “optimistic” and isn’t thinking about not winning the job.

Sanchez added that Smith is “a great competitor” and they “get the best out of each other.”


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