Former Josey stars Deon Grant, PJ Meyers help provide school supplies to kids



Former Josey and NFL star Deon Grant paired with another Eagles standout, Patrick “PJ” Meyers, to provide school supplies to students at Jenkins-White Elementary School in the inaugural Deon Grant Book Bag Giveaway on Saturday.

Area students were able to gather for a day of music, dancing and fun. They also received free school supplies donated by both the Grant and Meyers foundations.

Grant has been playing host to back-to-school events across the country and decided it was time to take care of home. He said it’s his job as a role model to set the standard for future generations.

“I wanted to come home and do an event with at least one of the schools that I attended,” Grant said. “We have to support these kids. We have to put all of our energy into the next generation and put them in the best position to have a successful future.”

The PJ Meyers foundation contributed more than 500 book bags and other school supplies.

Meyers said his contributions were an effort to change how the city is viewed by outside eyes.

“We know how people are judged that come from around here and we want people in the community to see that everybody isn’t the same,” Meyers said. “We have a whole team of people where everybody is just trying to make the city better. This is a great event and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Marcus Presswood, a first grader at Jenkins-White Elemen­tary, is excited about going back to school Monday to see his friends.

“It has been a long time since we have been to school and I miss my friends,” Presswood said. “I like the book bags and I can show everybody.”

Grant said they wanted to make it fun and “make it like a community block party.”

Grant and Meyers wanted the kids to go back healthy and prepared.

“We have lived our lives and if we aren’t the ones supporting them, who will,” Grant said. “The only way I was able to become successful was because of the support that I had growing up.”



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