Kurt Busch approached by 'The Jerry Springer Show' about sponsorship

The Jerry Springer Show is considering sponsoring Kurt Busch because they feel his behavior plays to their fan base.

Kurt Busch’s outbursts might not play well with NASCAR officials, but they have attracted the interest of The Jerry Springer Show.


The show’s producers have reached out to Busch and Phoenix Racing about sponsoring the No. 51 Chevrolet, Fox Sports reported and the team later confirmed.

Talks have progressed far to the point where the Springer producers are exploring NASCAR demographics and the team already has created a paint scheme to promote the show.

Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati, built an empire with a tabloid show that seems to encourage bizarre behavior of its guests and fans. Apparently felt Busch played well to his fan base.

Busch has been fined by NASCAR several times for his behavior and fired by his past two teams – Roush Fenway Racing and Penske Racing.

He was suspended from last week’s race at Pocono Raceway after berating a reporter a week earlier.

POCONO’S SPEED TRAP: Many race teams are questioning the speed traps at Pocono Raceway after there were 22 speeding penalties handed out during last Sunday’s race, which easily beat the NASCAR record of 14 set in 2006 at Kansas Speedway.

The track was repaved since last year and the timing loops installed on pit road were different, NASCAR vice president Robin Pemberton said.

That probably led some drivers to believe they were under the 55 mph speed limit.

“This track’s gone under a lot of reconfiguration since last year,” Pemberton said.

“It’s all brand-new pit road, all brand-new loops. Positions have been changed since last year. Sections are smaller than they were last year throughout pit road, and actually the last section’s a little bit bigger.

“But the bottom line is, every week when we go into a race track, there’s maps that are printed back here for the crew chiefs to come get. Some choose to get ’em, some choose to measure their own lines and some go off of last year’s measurements.”

The final segment was extended from 56 to 83 feet, which might have fooled some that they were cleared too soon to accelerate.

Five drivers – Travis Kvapil, Jimmie Johnson, David Reutimann, Brad Keselowski and A.J. Allmen­dinger – made up for 13 of the violations.

“I got nailed twice, and I know a lot of other guys got nailed,” Johnson said. “There is something wrong with the timing loop.”

“There was one section where the majority was getting caught,” Keselowski said. “It was obvious that the section had some kind of issue because I know both times I got busted, I was under the limit with my tools that I have available.”