RiverHawks offer discount to loyal fans

Season ticket prices remain league's lowest



Details of the Augusta RiverHawks’ plans to raise season ticket prices next year include relief for some of the team’s most loyal fans.

Bob Kerzner, owner of the minor league hockey team, said the revised pricing chart will also offer a discount to fans who were season ticket holders during the teams’ first two seasons.

Season tickets for lower level seating will go up to $12 per game for the 2012-13 season but previous season ticket holders can get the package for $10 per game.

“We wanted to do something for the fans who supported us from the beginning,” Kerzner said.

The team announced last week that season ticket packages would see a slight rise in price as the Southern Professional Hockey League franchise enters its third season. The bump in ticket prices came to help the team climb closer to financial stability after two seasons of low attendance.

Kerzner said even with the raise in prices, RiverHawks season ticket costs will still b at least 20 percent lower than season tickets to any other SPHL team.

While some of Augusta’s hockey fans embraced the franchise when Kerzner brought the new team to town in 2010, the RiverHawks didn’t initially receive total support. Many past hockey fans were still hurting from the sudden shutdown of the Augusta Lynx, which left season ticket holders holding dozens of unused, worthless tickets that were paid for in advance. Many were hesitant to make the same commitment to the RiverHawks.

Kerzner said next season’s added discount for the RiverHawks’ past season ticket holders will help take the sting off those Lynx losses.

“For the fans who got season tickets from us from the beginning, they actually made up the money they lost to the Lynx already,” he said. “Our prices were less than half of the Lynx. We didn’t compensate them by paying for the tickets they lost, but if they bought our season tickets, they paid less than half of what they would have been paying to the Lynx. Over two years, that’s more saved money than they lost.”

RiverHawks season ticket prices for the 2012-13 season will work out to $10 per game for upper bowl seats, $12 per game for lower bowl seats and $15 per game for seats on the glass. Season tickets for children will cost $8 per game regardless of location, and the team’s loyalty program will take $2 per game off the price of lower bowl season tickets.

Kerzner said he intentionally kept the season ticket prices lower than any other team in the SPHL.

“Even though our prices did have to go up a bit, our tickets are still 20 to 70 percent less than league season ticket averages, depending in what section you purchase those tickets,” he said.

The first-place RiverHawks (30-9-6) will play at James Brown Arena twice this week with home games Thursday against the Fayetteville FireAntz and Saturday against the Columbus Cottonmouths.