Prep wrestling results



Redskin Rumble at Social Circle

Evans finished seventh (Zack Hartman 2nd; Nathan Chavez 3rd; Blake Ware and Cameron Rampulla 4th; Tristan Martin, Josh Wesley and David Akins 6th.

103: Bandele, Moradyo (Newton) MD Martin, Tristan(Evans); 103: Cook, Kenny (Mountain View) DEC Martin, Tristan(Evans); 112: Parr, Ben (Social Circle) def. Ramos, Austin (Evans); 112: Gutierrez, Kacey (Mountain View) DEC Ramos, Austin (Evans); 125: McKenzie, Mack (Morgan County) def. Wesley, Josh (Evans); 125: Wesley, Josh (Evans) DEC Seawright, Tony (Monticello); 125: Dallas, Calvin (Alcovy) def. Wesley, Josh (Evans); 125: McKenzie, Mack (Morgan County) def. Wesley, Josh (Evans); 130: Shultz, Carter (Morgan County) def. Sanders, Kevin (Evans); 130: Hagan, Dennis (Washington-Wilkes) def. Sanders, Kevin (Evans); 135: Chavez, Nathan (Evans) def. Bell, Brandon (Monticello); 135: Barton, Zach (Alcovy) DEC Chavez, Nathan (Evans); 135: Chavez, Nathan (Evans) def. Kemper, Josh (Mountain View); 135: Chavez, Nathan (Evans) def. Schexnayder, Austin (Social Circle); 145: Johnson, Luke (Monroe Area) def. Moore, Bryan (Evans); 145: Williams, Jonathan (Monticello) def. Moore, Bryan (Evans); 152: Ware, Allen (Evans) def. Gugliotta, Chris (Monroe Area); 152: Roscot, Radu (Mountain View) def. Ware, Allen (Evans); 152: Ware, Allen (Evans) def. Blake, Gavin (Newton); 152: Cole, Chad (Social Circle) def. Ware, Allen (Evans); 160: Hartman, Zack (Evans) def. Loftis, Matt (Monticello); 160: Hartman, Zack (Evans) def. Lackey, Chase (Social Circle); 160: Williams, Steven (Alcovy) DEC Hartman, Zack (Evans); 171: Akins, David (Evans) def. Nishio, Edward (Salem); 171: Leary, Marquis (Morgan County) TF Akins, David (Evans); 171: Callihan, John (Monroe Area) DEC Akins, David (Evans); 171: Nishio, Edward (Salem) MD Akins, David (Evans); 189: Ross, Bailey (Morgan County) def. Manly, Josh (Evans); 189: Howard, Matthew (Washington-Wilkes) def. Manly, Josh (Evans); 215: Phares, Tyler (Evans) def. Kelly, Nic (Monroe Area); 215: Phares, Tyler (Evans) def. Blue, Preston (Mountain View); 215: Ross, Austin (Morgan County) def. Phares, Tyler (Evans); 285: Rampulla, Robert (Evans) def. Sargent, Dylan (Social Circle); 285: Laney, Zonta (Mountain View) def. Rampulla, Robert (Evans); 285: Rampulla, Robert (Evans) def. Meyers, AJ (Washington-Wilkes); 285: Sargent, Dylan (Social Circle) def. Rampulla, Robert(Evans).


Sat, 04/29/2017 - 00:36


Kevin Rivera knocked in two runs, including the decisive one on a walk-off single with two outs in the 10th inning to lift the Augusta GreenJackets over the Greenville Drive 3-2 on Friday night at Lake Olmstead Stadium Read more