Dream 16: Williston-Elko's Taylor Hearn brings intensity Friday night

As a student-athlete, Taylor Hearn is expected to listen to his teachers, his coaches and his parents. But when he steps onto the football field on Friday night, the devil in him emerges.


“I just like the ability to be physical with people every play and get a chance to put them on their back,” the Williston-Elko senior said. “You can get away with hurting people on the football field.”

With his stature and barbed wire tattoo, Hearn is an intimidating force for the Blue Devils. He knocks down players lined up against him, condemning them to the ground. The Clemson commitment, who was an All-Area pick, bedevils opposing linemen, picking up pancake blocks when he’s assigned to right tackle on the offensive line.

Hearn knows the football field on Friday night is the perfect place to toss away most rules and frighten his foes.

Those four quarters are the time to bring the pain and the attitude.

“You got to have a thick skin, get mad and try and hurt people,” Hearn said. “You can give or receive a hit. So most of the time, you want to be the giver. You don’t want to get hit.”



SCHOOL: Williston-Elko



HT./WT.: 6-5/305



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Tue, 01/23/2018 - 23:00

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