Four Westside wrestlers kicked off team



Four Westside High School wrestlers have been kicked off the team after they were caught smoking marijuana.

With his team at Commerce, Ga., for a tournament, Westside coach Kevin Waters said the four students were found smoking the drug the evening of Friday, Jan. 3.

“You hope they learned from it,” Waters said. “This happened in a span of 15 minutes – look how quickly your world can change. I’m glad I caught it. Now we’re trying to deal with it.”

The coach said his team travels to go up against and see different wrestlers often, but this was the first time he’s had any type of issues like this one.

Waters said the four players who were kicked off the team will be going to the alternative school. He added he hopes the incident sent a message to the remaining 12 team members, if any was needed.

“I hope this problem can take care of the rest of them,” Waters said. “That’s the only thing we can do, is hope it never happens again.”

The undermanned Westside team will play host to a wrestling competition starting at 10 a.m. today.

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