Washington County's Allisha Gray is back

Washington County's Allisha Gray (center) made her season debut this weekend after being sidelined with a knee injury.

There are moments Allisha Gray is frustrated she’s not playing up to her own lofty standards, but then she remembers that she’s back. For now, that’s more than enough.


The Washington County girls basketball player, who has signed with North Carolina, made her season debut this weekend by scoring eight total points as the Lady Hawks beat both Jefferson County and Johnson County.

Gray was sidelined after she seriously injured her knee last summer after her junior year where she averaged almost 30 points, eight rebounds and five steals a game.

Gray said while she’s healed physically, the mental hurdle remains. But considering there was a time she thought she wouldn’t play for Washington County again, Gray is thrilled simply to be on the court.

“It was great. I had fun,” Gray said. “I’m just excited I can get on court and play.”

She scored six points Friday, making two 3-pointers, before she had two more points Saturday. She’s playing only a few minutes a quarter as she rebuilds her confidence after the long physical rehab.

Gray, who said she’ll play tonight against Swainsboro, knows her leg is strong enough to support her. But there’s that mental block that wasn’t there before, one that makes it more difficult to know it’s safe to drive.

“Now that I know when I drive I can push off my left leg, I can jump off it,” Gray said. “It’s strong enough – my leg will be hold up. And as I get into the flow of the game, hopefully I can get my minutes up.”

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