Dream 16: South Aiken's Rasool Clemons at home on football field

When Rasool Clemons reached the Top 10 in the state for the 2015 recruiting class, South Aiken coach Jeremy West asked if he wanted a printed copy of the list.


Clemons humbly declined.

“He’s selfless. When he came out the other day, he was No. 8 in the state, and I asked if he wanted me to print it off,” West said. “He said, ‘I’m not into that kind of stuff.’ He doesn’t act like he’s better than anybody else.”

But with offers from Clemson, Florida State, Louisiana State, Tennessee – the list goes on – Clemons isn’t just another player.

Depending on the site, he’s either a three- or four-star prospect for the Thoroughbreds.

Despite a long list of possibilities for the next level, Clemons wasn’t always a football player. When he lived in New Jersey, Clemons played basketball and volleyball.

A star on the gridiron, Clemons’ impressive plays at South Aiken include using his long reach to knock down passes and his long legs to get by blockers. As a junior, Clemons was first team All-Area because he had 19 tackles for loss.

It’s a sport where Clemons feels at home.

“I can just be myself,” Clemons said. “I’m free. I’m at peace when I play football.”

Rasool Clemons

South Aiken | Senior | Defensive lineman | 6-foot-6 | 202 pounds



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