Dream 16: Richmond Academy's Willie Yarbary brings size, speed

Willie Yarbary is a Musketeer, but he doesn't need a sword to dominate on the football field.


Whether he’s lining up as a defensive lineman or checking in at tight end, Yarbary uses his size and foot speed to cut down offensive linemen, stop the quarterback or break away from a defender.

“When you play defense, you don’t have to have a lot of rules,” Yarbary said. “You just have to swarm to the ball and get the ball.”

Swashbucklers use their quick feet to gain leverage against opponents. Yarbary has tried to gain that ability by selecting particular teammates to joust with during the week leading up to a game.

“When we have practice, I try to go up against, instead of linemen, go against linebackers and special teams guys,” Yarbary said. “It makes it more difficult and it makes me work – it makes me better.”

Richmond Academy coach Chris Hughes said Yarbary’s versatility and presence make it easier to stabilize the line. As a sophomore, Yarbary played defensive end and could pass rush from the outside with his speed. As a junior, Yarbary was moved to defensive tackle and could get into the mix inside because of his strength.

No matter his position, Yarbary is a weapon.

“He’s strong – extremely strong,” Hughes said. “But he’s got real good hands. Technique-wise, he’s perfect. He’s really quick off the ball.”



SCHOOL: Richmond Academy Musketeers


POS: Lineman

HT./WT.: 6-3/270