Dream 16: Midland Valley's Kameron Brown taps into chemistry with quarterback

Kameron Brown will run the route as designed, but he’s prepared to adjust if he spots his quarterback on the run.


Brown’s ability to adapt with Daniel Carr’s evasive capabilities against pressure worked well a year ago, when Brown reached 800 receiving yards and had 15 touchdowns to grab first team All-Area honors.

“I come off and do my initial route, and if I see he’s scrambling, basically running for his life, then I’ll follow him and it goes from there,” Brown said. “We kind of connect with our chemistry.”

In a 34-27 loss to Strom Thurmond, Brown caught four touchdown passes to help the Mustangs keep pace.

Brown’s explosive season happened during Midland Valley’s consistent offensive fireworks.

In a seven-game stretch, the Mustangs scored 38, 42, 33, 35, 35, 42 and 35 points.

Brown gave credit to Carr’s game-extending tendencies for the high point totals during a winning season.

“With Daniel, his ability to make plays is tremendous,” Brown said. “He makes plays with his feet or does what he needs to do to get me the ball, and I go up and get it.”


Midland Valley | Senior | Wide receiver/Defensive back | 6-foot-4 | 210 pounds