More than 30 schools discuss leaving Georgia High School Association

Representatives of more than 30 schools met Tuesday and discussed the possibility of leaving the Georgia High School Association.


At the meeting in Rochelle, Ga., “about everyone” wanted to pursue this further, though more information is needed, Wilcox County principal Chad Davis said. The next step involves a committee meeting Dec. 21.

On Tuesday, Lincoln County and Washington-Wilkes were among the represented schools, most of which are in Class A.

“I think it was very successful,” Davis said. “It was a very good crowd.”

The main issue is Class A public schools’ concern about Class A private schools dominating in championships as a result of a perceived unfair advantages, such as scholarships and recruiting.

“A lot of things have been talked about, a lot of issues are there, some of which the GHSA has no control over,” GHSA executive director Ralph Swearngin said. “We can’t control where people move in the state. We also can’t control the economic situations all our schools are facing.”

Because the GHSA is a voluntary association, Swearngin said the decision to leave is up to each school. Swearngin also said there were repeated attempts to work issues out, but whenever an idea was brought up, more problems arose..

With schools voting to continue the discussion, a new association might be formed, Davis said.

Washington-Wilkes football coach Robby Robinson is part of the committee that meets next week, and he said he doesn’t know what plan will be decided upon.

“We just want to do what’s best for the kids of our community,” Robinson said.

Davis said a potential new association would be for all sports and include such competitions as one-act play and debate.

“It entails everything,” Davis said.

The expectation is for next week’s meeting to result in bylaws and details interested schools need to know. Then, this information would be passed along to school boards.

If enough schools want to create a new association, Davis said he hopes it goes into effect fall of next year.

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