Fox Creek's Williams doesn't have cancer, doctors say

Fox Creek’s C.J. Williams had a surprise for his teammates Tuesday afternoon. The senior football player, who has spent the past week in the hospital preparing for treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma, showed up at practice with some good news.


“They went in this morning to start chemo and right before they started chemo the doctors came in and stopped everything and said now that he does not have cancer,” coach Russ Schneider said. “I know that’s God’s healing. It’s a miracle.”

Williams asked Schneider not to tell his teammates of the news so he could surprise them at practice. The players were going through their normal warmups before Schneider called them together for a team meeting. Williams then emerged from his car within view of the practice field.

Williams’ mother, Christina Berrien, watched from the parking lot as the players roared with joy and rushed to hug her son.

“Prayer changes everything. I want to thank everybody,” she said, fighting back tears.

Williams had undergone several tests over the past week at Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics and was preparing to start chemotherapy Tuesday morning when the preparations were suddenly stopped.

“They had been doing tests for a whole week, and I guess one of the results came back,” Berrien said. “They said it was a rare infection that shows the same signs as Hodgkin lymphoma. They said it’s only happened one other time. It was five years ago.”

Berrien said the family is getting a second opinion, and Williams, who was released from the hospital, will return next week to hear the results.

“By next Friday I’ll know for a fact that I ain’t got it,” he said. “But I know I ain’t got it, because I’m at home, I’m feeling good and I’m with my teammates. I know that I ain’t got cancer. It’s an infection.”

The senior tailback first went to the hospital last week after a knot popped up on his neck following the team’s season-opening win over Branchville.

Schneider said Williams could be back on the football field for the second half of the season.

“Enough people must have been praying, because this morning he got healed,” Schneider said. “They said it’s an infection. I don’t know how they missed it. It doesn’t matter.”

The Predators (2-0) will open their region schedule Friday with a home game against Blackville-Hilda.


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