McCarty will replace Nixon as Cross Creek football coach



Cross Creek High School will feature a new head coach for its 15th football season this fall.

Robert McCarty, the school’s head junior varsity coach and assistant for the varsity squad this past season, replaces Travis Nixon, who went 9-21 in three years.

Nixon first found out about being let go from some of his players.

“It was crazy,” he said. “It wasn’t the best scenario in the world.”

After a 1-9 campaign his first season, Nixon led the Razorbacks to a 5-5 mark – the school’s third non-losing season. This past season, Cross Creek lost its first five games en route to a 3-7 record.

The Razorbacks last went to the playoffs in 2007, the last time the team posted a winning campaign.

Nixon is still teaching at the school, but he said that might change for the next school year.

He said the challenge at Cross Creek and similar places in Augusta is that such schools have to compete against county schools. At county schools, not only does just one school receive administrative and parental support, but there is a larger talent pool to use. As Nixon put it, the talent isn't dispersed.

"It's just an uphill battle," he said.