Q&A with Player of the Week JaShawn Brooks

Lucy C. Laney High boys basketball player JaShawn Brooks is The Augusta Chronicle player of the week after totaling 32 points in a rivalry game with Josey.

Q&A with Laney’s JaShawn Brooks, the Player of the Week:


Q: The competition in Augusta seems to be pretty strong. What’s it like being challenged like that every game?

A: It’s pretty good, because we play AAU with those guys all summer long, so they know your game. It’s more competitive. And you want to get that win so you can brag.

Q: Yeah, bragging rights are a big thing, with social media and that kind of stuff, but you’re still friendly at the same time. How do you mix it up, with the talking?

A: If you know the person well, you can trash talk and know what to say, what not to say, just to get on their bad side.

Q: You went to the semifinals last year with a really young team. What did you learn from that run?

A: You got to take care of the ball and you got to play defense. If you do that, everything will take care of itself.

Q: It seems like whenever you struggle on offense, you don’t seem to lose the defensive intensity. Is that coach Buck Harris teaching that?

A: It is coach preaching that. He wants defense more than anything. When we play defense, sky’s the limit, basically.

Q: You play on a really deep team. How do you know when to look for your shot and when it’s time to help someone else?

A: You have to have basketball IQ. You got to know what to do, what not to do.

Q: How do you know when someone else is heating up? Zep (Jasper) can get on fire.

A: If he hits two in a row, I should know when I come back down, I’ll look for him again. If he hits three in a row, you got to get it to him.

Q: Where do you think the team is at right now? What are the things you want to work on?

A: It’s where we want to be, but it’s not where we want to end up at. We just got to start playing more defense. If we do that, the sky’s the limit. That’s all that matters.


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