Player of the Week: Reggie Reid

Reggie Reid, a freshman, is a guard for Harlem High School's basketball team. He stands at 5-foot-10.

HARLEM — Double teams don’t bother Reggie Reid.


Only a freshman, Reid can dribble around and through them and he also has no trouble passing the ball to an open teammate.

“I knew he was good,” coach Kim Chambers said. “But I didn’t realize he was this good. This kid plays like a senior as a freshman.”

The play has the 5-foot-10 Reid averaging 21 points per game, 4.8 rebounds per game, 4.4 assists every game and almost three steals per game.

Though some players might find the jump from middle school ball to high school competition difficult, Reid has instead flourished.

Reid said his time in travel ball was a key reason for the easy transition, but another might be Reid’s willingness and even affinity to sharing the ball.

It didn’t take long for defenses to focus on Reid. But he’s still scored at least 30 points in a game three times this season. At the same time, his passing has helped Harlem have two other players average more than 10 points a game – Alonzo Hill puts up 11.4 points and Dylan Farmer scores 11.2 points every game.

“I’m kind of used to it now,” Reid said about the double teams.

Reid is at his best driving to the basket, not afraid to draw contact to earn a three-point-play chance.

“I can’t imagine what he’ll be like when he’s a senior,” Chambers said. “This kid’s rare. A rare enjoyment.”


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