Dream 16: Aquinas' Daniel Lindsey eager to live up to team's reputation

When Daniel Lindsey was younger, his nonstop wild energy earned him the nickname “Taz” after the famous cartoon character.


He said his mother gave him the moniker, which stuck. He has grown up since then, but his relentless movement remains a strength on the football field.

As a junior, Lindsey used his speed and elusiveness to reach 743 receiving yards and nine touchdowns, 276 rushing yards and 46 tackles during Aquinas’ 14-0 season. He was a star in the final game, catching two touchdown passes from Liam Welch in the win against Calvary Day. When he was asked to take over running back duties for teammate Ruben Garnett, Lindsey delivered, picking up 105 rushing yards in a state quarterfinal win.

Lindsey’s rise coincided with Aquinas’. The senior wants to make sure he and the Irish stay on top.

“We got a target on our backs,” Lindsey said. “There’s a lot of people after us, so we just have to live up to our reputation.”

Lindsey isn’t going to surprise watchers this season. Starting with the first game, opponents will try to keep him in check. Lindsey’s play demands defensive focus, and he knows it.

“I like the attention a lot,” he said. “I like that people know my name. You never know what might happen – you might need those people in your life.”

Daniel Lindsey

Aquinas | Senior | Wide receiver/defensive back | 5-foot-7 | 168 pounds


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