Dream 16: Aquinas' Ruben Garnett ready to fight for tough yards

Ruben Garnett won’t back away from a physical contest. He knows he is going to get hit, and he is prepared to punish those who stand in his way.


“With Ruben, everyone knows him for his speed,” Aquinas coach James Leonard said. “But they don’t realize how strong he is. He is very, very strong – one of the strongest guys on the team. On defense, he’s one of our hardest hitters. I think it clicked in, they had to bulk up their frames to do what we expect them to do this year.”

With Brendan Douglas, the powerful runner from a year ago, gone to play football at the University of Georgia, Garnett will see an increased workload this year at running back. He gained about 10 pounds, just like fellow backfield mate John Morris, who will also get a chunk of the carries.

On the perfect play, Garnett will get the ball and use his speed and the blocking around him to do damage in open space. But not every play will work as planned, and Garnett will take some hits. He is prepared to fight through the pain and bruises.

“I knew it when I took my first hard hit in recreation football. I could either stay down or get up and be tough, so I got up,” Garnett said. “I think I have great toughness. You don’t learn toughness. You just have to have it.”



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HT./WT.: 5-9/170



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