Warren County football coach answers criticism stemming from Aquinas game

Warren County football coach David Daniel had a statement sent out addressing this past Friday’s game against Aquinas that left two Irish players out for the remainder of the season after they suffered injuries.


Here is Daniel’s statement:

“It is so unfortunate that players get hurt playing the highly competitive game of football. My heart goes out to all those players that have season ending injuries. Our game with Aquinas was a hard fought and well deserved win for our team. It grieves me that some disparaging comments were made to imply that our players would intentionally hurt our opposing team players. The nature of the game is highly competitive and physical in nature. In the past we have lost key players to season ending injuries. No team is immune to those types of injuries. I can assure you that our players are coached to play by the rules and taught the proper techniques of the game.

I reviewed the game film and saw hits on both sides of the ball that all the coaches from both sides would not teach nor condone. The officials, I thought, did a remarkable job of officiating our contest. I wish the Aquinas team the best in the playoffs and those injured players a speedy and full recovery.”

Warren County Schools Superintendent Carole Jean Carey said she called Aquinas Principal Christine Paul and talked about the game, adding the two sides are “OK.” Carey said it was just a “really hard-fought game” with hard hits on both sides.

Daniel himself is recovering from the postgame incident after the Hancock Central game. Carey said Daniel has been cleared to work for four hours a day.

The case is still under investigation and both Carey and Warren County Principal Kaveous Preston have voluntarily taken lie detector tests to back up some of their allegations.

Aquinas coach complains of Warren County play