Greenbrier Playday highlights area volleyball talent



If the level of competition at the Greenbrier Playday is any indication, area high school volleyball teams are in good shape.

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With five teams taking part, every school in the area won at least one game. The only team without a win was Clarke Central (Region 8-AAAAA), which went 0-4.

The Lady Wolfpack entered the round-robin event with a perfect record, and while tested at times, they won all four matches to improve to 9-0 on the year.

“Each game we improved and that’s the goal,” said head coach Debbie Born, adding that the key to her team’s success thus far is that they work hard.

Aquinas, facing several larger schools, showed toughness in winning three of its four matches. The Fighting Irish lost only to Greenbrier and improved to 7-2. Aquinas coach Danielle Elms was hired just a week ago and likes the makeup of her squad.

“Aquinas has always been a team that fights hard,” she said. “The fact that there’s no JV program and we’re a small school, the girls have more of a relationship on and off the court. There’s a lot of talent on this team. We’re lucky to have veteran leadership and we’ve only tapped their potential.”

The Fighting Irish ended the day winning a marathon match with Lakeside, 25-18, 29-31, 25-21.

The loss put the Lady Panthers at 1-3 for the day and 2-5 for the year. While she would have liked to have won more, coach Moe McCormack would rather see her team peak at the right time.

“We’re a young team,” she said. “I thought it was a good day and we learned a lot. The first third of the season will be about getting experience.”

Grovetown (5-3) entered its final match with Aquinas up two wins and a loss to Greenbrier. The Warriors lost in three games, and it dampened the day a bit for coach Amy Slagle, but she was still able to come away with a positive.

“We did way better this year than we did last year,” said Slagle. “We’ll continue to get better and I look forward to playing Greenbrier and Aquinas again this year.”


Greenbrier Playday

Greenbrier def. Lakeside

25-14, 25-13

Aces: Greenbrier–Kenzie Schwartz 10, Jen Orial 2, Sarah Sather 2, Jen Purucker 1, Dejhana Cotton 1. Kills: Greenbrier–Orial 5, Purucker 4, Cotton 3, Gabbi Meyering 3, Hayley Hughes 1. Digs: Greenbrier–Sather 7, Purucker 6, Orial 3, Hughes 3, Schwartz 2, Cotton 1, Lauren Ingalls 1. Lakeside–Alexis Dunbar 6. Assists: Greenbrier–Hughes 12.


Greenbrier def. Aquinas

25-15, 25-22

Aces: Greenbrier–Kenzie Schwartz 3, Hayley Hughes 2, Jen Orial 2, Gabbi Meyering 1. Kills: Greenbrier–Orial 6, Meyering 5, Purucker 3, Cotton 3, Schwartz 2. Digs: Greenbrier–Sarah Sather 13, Orial 10, Schwartz 9, Hughes 5, Purucker 4, Meyering 2, Dejhana Cotton 1, Lauren Ingalls. Assists: Greenbrier–Hughes 10, Ingalls 5, Orial 1.


Greenbrier def. Grovetown

25-17, 25-20

Aces: Greenbrier–Jen Purucker 2, Jen Orial 1, Kenzie Schwartz 1; Grovetown–Breyanna Crawford 4, Katie Chancellor 2. Kills: Greenbrier–Orial 4, Dejhana Cotton 4, Purucker 4, Gabbi Meyering 4, Schwartz 2, Hayley Hughes 1; Grovetown–Kayla Koester 6, Chancellor 5. Digs: Greenbrier–Hughes 10, Schwartz 9, Sarah Sather 5, Orial 5, Cotton 3, Meyering 3; Grovetown– Chancellor 11, Koester 6. Assists: Greenbrier–Hughes 16, Schwartz 1; Grovetown–Morgan Van Deventer 5, Kate Hagins 9.


Greenbrier def. Clarke Central

25-15, 25-17

Aces: Greenbrier–Hayley Hughes 3, Jen Purucker 2, Gabbi Meyering 1, Sarah Sather 1, Dejhana Cotton 2, Kenzie Schwartz 1. Kills: Greenbrier–Purucker 6, Meyering 6, Hughes 3, Jen Orial 3, Cotton 2, Schwartz 2, Sather 2. Digs: Greenbrier–Sather 8, Orial 6, Schwartz 4, Hughes 4, Purucker 4Meyering 2, Cotton 1. Assists: Greenbrier–Hughes 15.

Record: Greenbrier 9-0. Next: Greenbrier vs. Aiken, Wednesday, 5 p.m.


Aquinas def. Grovetown

14-25, 25-15, 25-20

Aces: Grovetown–Savannah Burns 2, Katie Chancellor 2, Kayla Koester 2. Kills: Grovetown–Koester 11, Breyanna Crawford 5. Digs: Grovetown–Chancellor 8, Kristy Sammons 6. Assists: Grovetown–Morgan Van Deventer 6, Katie Hagins 8.



25-14, 26-24

Aces: Grovetown–Breyanna Crawford, Cara Henry. Kills: Grovetown–Kayla Koester 7, Henry 5. Digs: Grovetown–Taralyn Gillham 3, Henry 3. Assists: Grovetown–Morgan Van Deventer 5, Katie Hagins 7.



25-12, 24-26, 25-20

Aces: Grovetown–Savannah Burns 2, Katie Chancellor 2, Katie Hagins 2, Kayla Koester 2; Lakeside–Holly Sweeting 5, Dunbar 3. Kills: Grovetown–Chancellor 6, Koester 3, Breyanna Crawford 3, Tiara Ramey 3; Lakeside–Sweeting 8, Dunbar 4. Digs: Grovetown–Chancellor 4, Burns 3; Lakeside–Sweeting 9, Dunbar 14. Assists: Grovetown–Van Deventer 5, Hagins 5.

Record: Grovetown 6-3.


Aquinas def. Lakeside

25-18, 29-31, 25-21

Kills: Lakeside–Holly Sweeting 6, Ashlan Rosier 4, Susan Brands 4. Digs: Lakeside–Carson Crawley 9, Alexis Dunbar 12.


Lakeside def. Clarke Central

25-7, 25-17

Aces: Lakeside–Alexis Dunbar 3. Kills: Lakeside–Holly Sweeting 6, Carson Crawley 3.

Record: Lakeside 2-5. Next: Lakeside at Aiken, Tuesday, 6 p.m.


Aquinas def.  Clarke Central

25-21, 25-9


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