Miguel Angel Jimenez is critical of spot being given to 13-year-old in European Tour event

CRANS-SUR-SIERRE, Switzerland — The European Tour’s oldest champion has criticized the appearance of the tour’s youngest competitor in the European Masters.


Miguel Angel Jimenez, who was 48 when he won last year’s Hong Kong Open, was introduced on the Crans-sur-Sierre practice range to Ye Wo-cheng, who was 12 in May when he played in his home China Open.

Jimenez, the 2010 Euro­pean Masters winner, was at odds with a sponsor’s decision to give Ye an invitation to compete this week.

“It is nice to see that golf is interesting no matter what the age but for me, a 13-year-old competing against professionals is a little a bit too young,” he said. “People want to start things too early and a 13-year-old should be playing alongside other 13-year-olds and not players averaging 33 years of age.

“No doubt the sponsor wants publicity for the tournament. But then it seems you have to go looking for under-age players to promote yourself. I’m sorry, this should not be allowed.”

Mathias Gronberg, one of Ye’s playing partners today, disagrees with Jimenez.

“It’s going to be awesome playing with the young fellow and I will look forward to it,” the Swede said. “It is where the game is at the present time and, as golfers, we are in the entertainment business and it’s a sport there for the crowds.

“I am sure there will be hundreds of thousands of Chinese people that will tune into the golf on TV this week just to watch and follow Ye. So it would be absolutely silly not to market that opportunity.

“I am sure the Masters officials were pleased and happy when that 14-year old (Tianlang Guan), also from China, did so well to make the cut and then finish the leading amateur. I had the same view when Michelle Wie played up here (on the men’s tour at 14) because it is sponsors who pay our salary.”

Jimenez believes its puts too much pressure on the young players.

“They should not be pushing kids his age too hard as it could have a disastrous effect on their careers,” he said. “I hope he enjoys himself this week. But then I saw him hitting practice balls this morning, and he looked very nervous and he should not be in that position.”



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