Crowdsourced: Webb for the win

Reflections on the week that was, from Twitter, Facebook and



Webb Simpson’s U.S. Open win provided plenty of fodder for weekend tweets. The golfer, basking in his first career major title, had this to say:

The area director for the Greater Augusta Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which hosts big-name golfers at an annual Masters Week breakfast in Augusta, cheered Simpson on.


The highlight for some golf fans came after the tournament when a man leapt in front of cameras and interrupted the trophy presentation with what appeared to be a series of bird calls. Security guards whisked the man away, leaving the new champion to quip, “Enjoy the jail cell, pal.”

@WEBBSIMPSON1 (WEBB SIMPSON): “Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement. Humbled to win the US Open!! Thankful to God for His grace in my life. #nosleep”

Simpson’s caddy, PAUL TESORI (@_SOKI_), thanked golfer JOSH MCCUMBER (@JOSHMCCUMBER) for the congratulations he offered after the win: “The Lord blessed Webb and I to the fullest buddy. What an amazing experience. Thanks and God Bless my friend.”


GREG WILSON (@FCAGWILSON): Webb Simpson = US Open champ! Can FCA’s Augusta Golf Breakfast be too far behind? Webb, c’mon wit’ it!

MELISSA NIX (@_MELLLLYYY_): “I mean really though. I had to rewind it to see if it was real. #USOpen”

EMILY RAWL (@EMILYRAWL): “man stood up and squawked in front of Webb Simpson while he was getting his trophy. “enjoy the jail cell pal”. #dead #USOpen #golfisfunny”