Augusta State look-alikes have much in common

Corey Perrine/Staff
Redshirt juniors Mitch Krywulycz (left) and Carter Newman are often mistaken for each other. Despite differing backgrounds, they have become good friends who often take the same classes.

The similarities between Carter Newman and Mitch Krywulycz begin with their closely-cropped red hair. They each wear glasses. And they're almost the same size.


The two look so much alike that even Mandy Krywulycz mistook the two at last week's Southwest Regional in San Diego. When she walked into the hotel lobby, she called her son's name only to realize it was Newman.

"It happens a lot," Newman said. "People who don't know us think we're twins.

"We think it's kind of funny, considering he was born thousands of miles away from me and we ended up in the same place."

"Ever since we've been here, Carter and I have thought that we looked alike," Krywulycz said.

The two are alike in many ways, though Newman grew up in Evans, while Krywulycz hails from Sylvania, Australia. The 22-year-olds are the veterans of the squad -- both are redshirt juniors and have been in the program for four years. They are the best of friends on and off the course, taking classes together, working on their games together, playing practice rounds together and even eating together.

"We're pretty much with each other the whole day," Newman said.

The comparisons end with their personalities. Newman is even keel and reserved on the course. Krywulycz is more outgoing and unafraid to show his emotions.

"I think we balance each other out," Newman said.

Newman and Krywulycz have helped balance out the lineup this year. Newman, whose father, Dean, is a former Jaguar golfer, has seen improvement in his game for the third year in a row. He has posted three top-10 finishes with a 73.48 average.

After electing to sit out last season, Krywulycz has put together an All-American-type season. He's finished 38th or better -- including three top-six finishes -- in all 11 events this season and owns a 72.23 average.

Before last season, Krywulycz asked Augusta State golf coach Josh Gregory if he could redshirt to work on his schoolwork and sharpen his golf game. Gregory agreed, and Krywulycz is rewarding him with stellar play.

"I felt like I would've been a very mediocre player last year. I wouldn't have been able to do much for the team," he said. "It seemed like a good fit for everyone."

With his decision to redshirt last season, Krywulycz will have one more year to play collegiate golf with Newman. It'll be one more year to keep everyone confused.

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