Pennsylvania is suing NCAA over sanctions against Penn State's football program

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said the NCAA acted unlawfully with its Penn State sanctions.



The NCAA overstepped its authority by imposing hefty sanctions on Penn State University in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said Wednesday in announcing a federal lawsuit against the college athletics governing body.

Corbett said the university and the state have been harmed by what he called “harsh penalties” over the abuse committed by Sandusky, a former assistant football coach.

According to Corbett, the NCAA “piled on” and acted unlawfully because it stands to benefit from the sanctions, he said.

A handful of top NCAA officials simply asserted themselves into an issue they had no authority to police under their own bylaws, and one that was clearly being handled by the justice system,” Corbett said at a news conference.


MOUNTAIN WEST: Boise State president Bob Kustra says the decision to rejoin the Mountain West Conference came down to money, stability and flexibility.

Kustra announced Monday that Boise State was pulling its football team out of the Big East Conference. The Broncos were scheduled to begin playing in the Big East next season and had already scheduled games against those teams.

Meanwhile, San Diego State hasn’t officially decided if it wants to return to the Mountain West, but the conference can’t invite anyone else before dealing with the Aztecs.

As part of Boise State’s contract to remain in the Mountain West, obtained by ESPN, MWC presidents must set the terms of San Diego State’s return and present an offer to the school before moving on to other schools.

The “right of first option” in the contract lasts until Jan. 31, after which time the conference can attempt to invite other schools or stand pat with its current membership.