Penn State trustee to appeal sanctions

Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien says he wants to move forward after a troubling offseason.

A Penn State trustee said he plans to file an appeal with the NCAA over the strict sanctions imposed on the university for the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.


Trustee Ryan McCombie in a letter to fellow trustees sent Monday wrote he’s taking action in the interest of due process and sought an NCAA hearing. He invited other trustees to join in the appeal.

A copy of the letter was obtained by The Associated Press. McCombie verified the letter but declined comment otherwise.

“I know my actions will be poorly received by some on this board and in the community at large. To that end it would be easier to remain silent and allow these unfair actions to remain unchallenged. I cannot do this,” McCombie wrote. “As long as I am a member of this board, I will fight to learn the full truth of the Sandusky scandal and then, and only then, endorse the assignment of blame and the imposition of sanctions.”

The landmark penalties handed down last month included a four-bowl ban, scholarship cuts and 111 vacated wins from 1998-2011, meaning Joe Paterno no longer has the most coaching victories in major college football.

• After a troubling offseason for the Penn State program, it was finally time for Bill O’Brien to get back to coaching football.

“I want Penn State to turn the page and move forward, understanding why we are,” O’Brien said Monday after holding the team’s first preseason practice – and the first workouts since the NCAA leveled strict sanctions.

“It’s a new Penn State. It’s a new Penn State football program.”


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