Penn State to pay Paterno's estate millions

Joe Paterno's estate to receive millions from Penn State

Penn State has agreed to provide millions in payments and benefits to Joe Paterno’s estate and family members under the late football coach’s employment contract, although a family lawyer says the Paternos did not sign away their right to sue.


The school turned over four checks Thursday worth more than $3 million for bonuses that covered the season, bowl game and entire career, according to a university spokeswoman.

A breakdown provided by Penn State included the use by Paterno’s family of a Beaver Stadium suite for 25 years and $900,000 from television and radio revenue from last season. Half the broadcast revenues were paid in February, and the rest will be paid later this year, the school said.


ARKANSAS: Former coach Bobby Petrino sent candy to his mistress, called her a “close friend” and suggested the affair that cost him his job started with a kiss over lunch last fall, according to documents released Thursday.

Those details were in handwritten notes kept by a seemingly skeptical athletic director Jeff Long during his investigation of Petrino, who was fired last week. The notes were released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

Long’s thoughts are detailed in 25 pages of notes kept during meetings with the 51-year-old Petrino on April 10, and also with Jessica Dorrell, the 25-year-old football department employee the coach hired.

In the end, Long was unable to overlook Petrino’s sketchy record of full disclosure and expressed doubts about whether the coach’s affair was truly finished. He was unable to look past the fact Petrino failed to tell him about the relationship with Dorrell on several occasions following the April 1 motorcycle crash that led to his downfall.