Peach Belt Conference reprimands Augusta State coach Dip Metress

Augusta State men’s basketball coach Dip Metress was issued an official reprimand from the Peach Belt Conference on Tuesday due to Metress’ actions in the conference tournament.


“We have a strict code of conduct in our league that is applicable to everyone: student-athletes, administrators and coaches, and coach Metress’ actions were in violation of its provisions.” Peach Belt commissioner David Brunk said in a statement released by the conference. “We have set a standard in NCAA Division II and are proud to be looked upon as a league where everyone is accountable to that code.”

The statement said the reprimand, which was not accompanied by a suspension, stemmed from Metress’ “unsportsmanlike conduct” surrounding Augusta State’s semifinals loss to Montevallo in the Peach Belt Conference Tournament in Columbus, Ga., on March 3. Metress did not return a phone call seeking comment, but he and athletic director Clint Bryant released statements Tuesday afternoon.

“I regret my behavior during the game and my conduct during the postgame activities and insinuations that could have been made as a result,” Metress said. “I acknowledge the public reprimand from the Peach Belt Conference regarding my comments and actions following our loss to Montevallo. I apologize to Commissioner Brunk, the Peach Belt Conference and staff, my Athletic Director Clint Bryant and our University President Dr. Bloodworth.”

Bryant’s statement said he fully concurred with the reprimand.

Metress received a similar reprimand from the NCAA last year after the Jaguars’ loss in the Division II Elite Eight. He was fined $2,300 after the NCAA Division II Basketball Committee determined his “actions, behavior and audible comments during the championship were contrary to the Division II Code of Conduct and not consistent with the guidelines required of Division II coaches and student-athletes.”



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