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AUG_ChrisGay @DawgPoundUGA No TV. No Golf Channel. No ESPN. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

AUG_ChrisGay Only supposed to reach 97 on the course today for the NCAA final between #AugustaSt. and #UGA.That's Peach State weather, folks.

AUG_ChrisGay #Augusta State and #UGA will start at 1 pm (EST) today. Olle Bengtsson will go off first for the Jaguars v. UGA's Bryden MacPherson.

AUG_ChrisGay At 1:09, #AugustaState's Carter Newman faces #UGA's T.J. Mitchell. At 1:18, #AugustaState's Mitch Krywulycz v. #UGA's Hudson Swafford.

AUG_ChrisGay Possible match of the day at 1:27. #AugustaState's Henrik Norlander v #UGA's Russell Henley. Two great players.

AUG_ChrisGay At 1:36, #UGA's Harris English will meet #AugustaState's Patrick Reed, who shot 31 on the front nine in Saturday's semifinal.

AUG_ChrisGay #UGA's Big 3 of English, Henley and Swafford playing their final college event today. Also finale for entire #AugustaState team.

AUG_ChrisGay Two days ago, #UGA coach Chris Haack walked up to #AugustaState's Henrik Norlander and said "Nice shirt." Jaguars wore red v. Georgia Tech.

AUG_ChrisGay UGA will wear red and black today. Given. Augusta State has options. WIll the Jaguars break out the all-white uniform from last year?

AUG_ChrisGay #UGA's Harris, Henley and MacPherson are 2-0 in match play this week.#AugustaState's Reed and Newman are 2-0.

AUG_ChrisGay @spdchairman no clue yet. Will know more in an hour and send a pic.

AUG_ChrisGay The NCAA could have saved a lot of money and just teed this final up between #UGA and #AugustaState anywhere in Georgia, really.

AUG_ChrisGay Wonder who ANGC chairman (and former Bulldog) Billy Payne is rooting for today?

AUG_ChrisGay @phfeiler No TV. Better hit refresh on Twitter. Go to AUG_ChrisGay Just heard a few #AugustaState fans drove overnight to get today to Stillwater.

AUG_ChrisGay Starter introducing coaches and teams. First match starting now.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle and bryden stripe drives at 1.

AUG_ChrisGay A big snake just went up a tree and my heart fluttered. Going to the fw.

AUG_ChrisGay Bryden a good 30 yds past Olle at 1.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle hits a nice draw somewhere close to the green. Can't see it yet.

AUG_ChrisGay Bryden hits another gd draw to the green.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle has about 60 ft left for eagle. Bryden has 25 ft downhill.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle has about 9 ft for bird. Bryden lags to 1 ft and bird is conceded.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle's putt lips out on low side. Bryden 1-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter in the fw. Mitchell in left fw.

AUG_ChrisGay Mistyped: mitchell in left rough.

AUG_ChrisGay Still searching for mitchell's ball.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell appears to be hitting his provisional, his third shot.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter hit a lay up and will have a full wedge. Mitchell is short in right and is lying 4.

AUG_ChrisGay UGA is wearing red shirts and tan shorts. Augusta State in blue shirts and white pants.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter hits wedge just into lft rough. Mitchell blasts 25 ft past pin. He has a long bogey putt.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter had a tough lie and barely got it out. He has about 26 ft uphill.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter still has 6 ft for bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell missed an has 5 ft for dub AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell makes. Now carter has 5 ft for the win.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter makes and goes 1-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch hits third in left fringe at 1 and has 22 ft or so. Hudson hit a tree with third and has 40 ft for bird.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch makes par. Hudson misses from 7 ft. Mitch is 1-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Henley almost jarred his third. Missed by 2 inches. Now has 25 ft from left fringe. Henrik hit his pitch long and has 20 ft for bird.

AUG_ChrisGay Henley makes par. Henrik two-putts for par. All square.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch is tight at 2, has 5 ft for bird. Hudson putting from fringe from 40 ft AUG_ChrisGay Hudson to 4 ft for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch cans it to go 2-up thru 2.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter has bogeyed the first 2 holes and leads 2-up over mitchell.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson hit a great shot from tough lie above hole at 3. Has about 8 ft downhill for par. Mitch has 25 ft for bird.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch hits a bad putt and has 7 ft for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson misses, bogey on low side. Mitch makes to go 3-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Henley 3-putted at 2 and allowed Henrik to halve the hole. That match AS.

AUG_ChrisGay Henley long and on rt fringe at par-3 third. Tough downhill chip. Henrik leaves himself a difficult 22-ft downhill winding putt.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle and Bryden are flying. The just finished 6 and are a full hole ahead. Their match is AS.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch took 4 away from Hudson and leads 4-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter just rolled in a 70-ftr to win 5 and leads 3-up over Mitchell.

AUG_ChrisGay Correction: Carter chipped in at 5.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle pitched out of rt. trees at par-3 7th and lipped out a 20 ftr. Bryden makes 10 ft downhill putt to go 1-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Bryden is long and in fw at 8. Olle hits tee ball in left rough.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter won 6 to go 4-up. Reed just won 4 to go 1-up. Bryden to 22 ft for bird at 8 to go 2-up on olle.

AUG_ChrisGay #Augusta State leads #UGA 3-1-1.

AUG_ChrisGay Bryden drained the long one for bird to go 2-up thru 8.

AUG_ChrisGay Henley wins 5 to go 1-up on Henrik.

AUG_ChrisGay The length Of Henley's birdie putt at 5 is in dispute. One report says 35. One says 90. Why don't we split the diff. and say 60-ish?

AUG_ChrisGay Olle goes trees, rough fw and wedge to 15 ft. Uphill putt for par @9. Bryden spins third back and has benign 6 ftr for bird to go 3-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle concedes bird. Must have had more tree trouble than we could see. Bryden in control at 3-up entering back nine.

AUG_ChrisGay @GWcampusinsider that's what josh gregory said, per his wife. :) AUG_ChrisGay Hudson wins 7 to pull within 3-down to mitch. Henley wins 6 to go 2-up on henrik.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell bogeyed 8, Carter leads 5-up.

AUG_ChrisGay English birdied 6 to even his match with Reed. Currently #Augusta State and #UGA are tied 2-2-1.

AUG_ChrisGay Bryden is 2-under for UGA thru 9 holes.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell is 6-over in his match against Carter thru 8.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch bogeyed 8. His lead over Hudson down to 2-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle and Bryden each bogeyed 10.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik birdied 8 to pull within 1-down to Henley.

AUG_ChrisGay Newman and Mitchell each parred 9. Carter takes up 5-up lead to back nine.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell just missed a short birdie try at 10. He and carter each make par.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson birdied 9. Mitch's lead down to 1-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Bryden is 5-up thru 12 and about to close out Olle for UGA's first point.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter has 10 ft uphill for bird @11. Mitchell is in the junk left od the green and has some work to make par.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell with a pitch to 12 ft. He's still away.

AUG_ChrisGay Maybe not. Carter will putt first.

AUG_ChrisGay He lags for par. Mitchell with a must make to halve the hole.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell's putt slides by. Carter in command at 6-up w 7 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay At short par-4 12th, carter hit iron off the tee in fw. Mitchell hit iron as well for some reason instead of trying to reach green.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell spins wedge back 35 ft short of hole. Carter missed green left and has gnarly lie from 25 ft or so downhill.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter's ball came out a bit hot. He has a difficult 20-ft par.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitchell putts short, has 7 ft left.

AUG_ChrisGay Henley birdied 9 and 10 and leads Henrik 3-up. Match tied 2-2-1.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter and mitchell eqch made bogey. Carter is dormie w 5 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Dormie w 6 to play, not 5

AUG_ChrisGay Carter in fw at 13. Mitchell in the rt rough.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch clinging to a 1-up lead through 11.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter to 10 ft for birdie. Mitchell hits second in rough. He has to hole third to have any chance of extending match.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter wins the first point for Augusta State.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter d. Mitchell, 7 and 5, to go 3-0 in match play this week. No drama today. And he won't have to play 14 again.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed wins 10 w a bogey to go 1-up. ASU leads 3-2.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch birdied 12 to 2-up on hudson. Mitch in fw at 13 and so is Hudson.

AUG_ChrisGay @spdchairman blue shirts, white pants.

AUG_ChrisGay ASU's uniform. Carter newman. AUG_ChrisGay Henrik won 12 to get within 2-up on Henley. Mitch has 10 ft for bird at 13. Hudson has a winding 25 ft bird attempt.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson still has 4 ft left for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch missed the bird. Conceded par.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson makes par. Mitch up w 5 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch in fw at par-5 14th. Hudson in right rough.

AUG_ChrisGay Sounds like a UGA roar back at 13.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson punched out of rough.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch with a low liner under the wind that hits in front of green and rolls to back fringe. He has 30 ft for eagle.

kevinfaiglewrdw @AUG_ChrisGay henley chipped in to win hole AUG_ChrisGay @kevinfaiglewrdw that would explain that then.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson about 25 ft for bird at 14. Mitch will go first from about the same line.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed 1-up over English thru 12.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch to tap-in range. Birdie conceded. Pressure all on Hudson.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson's putt slides by. Mitch 3-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch just off green on fringe. About 40 ft uphill for bird. Hudson has about 20 ft uphill, a putt that will break to his left.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch chips to tap-in range. He will mark.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed wins 13 to go 2-up. Hudson's putt breezed by the hole. He has 5 ft for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson makes. Mitch makes. Match dormie w 3 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch in middle of fw at 16. Hudson boomed it past mitch in fw.

AUG_ChrisGay Henley 3-up on henrik w 4 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch hits second to 40 ft. He'll have an uphill putt.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson to 22 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch makes this and his match will be over.

johnboyette Kuchar says Augusta State is Cinderella Story and that he hopes they win it all.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch leaves putt about 5 ft short.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson makes bird. Onto 17.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson stripes it in 17 fw. Mitch in right trees and will have to lay up.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed and english each make 6 ft putts at 14. Reed up 2 w 4 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch appears to have gone in the water at 17. Hudson has 25 feet from back fringe.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch is in water. Gregory walking w him now.

AUG_ChrisGay It appears henley has closed out henril on 16. UGA leads 2-1.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch pitches to 5 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed is 2-up thru 15.

AUG_ChrisGay Hudson never go it there and has a slippery 12 ft putt to win the hole.

AUG_ChrisGay More like 10 ft. A bit downhill.

AUG_ChrisGay He missed. Mitch can win with this putt.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch makes. ASu tied at 2. Down to reed's match.

AUG_ChrisGay Gregory: "come on! One more!" And sprints back to 16.

AUG_ChrisGay Harris misses birdie. Putt slides 4 ft by. Reed 25 ft downhill from the fringe for the win.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed to tap-in range. Will mark.

AUG_ChrisGay Harris makes par. Reed makes par. Reed dormie w 2 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Patrick in left rough. Harris in right rough, a foot off the fringe.

AUG_ChrisGay Here's the situation: Harris has to win the last two holes or it's all over.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed in right rough and short. Have about 40 yds to the pin.

AUG_ChrisGay Harris goes left. Water?

AUG_ChrisGay It went in the water on the fly. The rough grabbed his club and turned the ball left. UGA is in trouble.

AUG_ChrisGay It appears Harris will hit first AUG_ChrisGay Harris is dropping two club-lengths from the water. Placed it.

AUG_ChrisGay Harris pitches to 30, 35 feet.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed pitches thru the green. Ball is sitting up. He needs to get down in 2, maybe 3 for the #AugustaState win.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed to 8 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Must make for harris.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed two putts for the ASU win.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta state goes back to back an wins 2011 natl title.

AUG_ChrisGay The Gregorys celebrating. AUG_ChrisGay Gordon Hardy, Gregory's father-in-law, found this four-leaf clover and has had it since rd. 1. AUG_ChrisGay ASU holding the trophy. AUG_ChrisGay @papabobbie Probably Forest Hills GC in Augusta.

AUG_ChrisGay @johnboyette They are expected to arrive in Augusta around 4:30 p.m papabobbie @AUG_ChrisGay Congratulations !!!! Div 1 Champs again !! ALL AUGUSTA VERY PROUD - WELL DONE !!

AUG_ChrisGay @phfeiler Maybe that'll be part of my big raise from the paper. :) AUG_ChrisGay @ecvaughn Who said golf was boring, right? Thanks for watching.

AUG_ChrisGay @golfgrambo Thx.

AUG_ChrisGay @AugustaGolfGirl Thanks, AGG!

AUG_ChrisGay #AugustaState golf team expected to arrive in Augusta about 4:30 p.m. Monday.

AUG_ChrisGay Not that anyone cares, but I'm expecting to arrive in Columbia around 4:45 p.m. Monday myself. :) AUG_ChrisGay Now being told to get to Augusta Regional Airport around 4 p.m. if you want to greet the #AugustaState golf team.

AUG_ChrisGay Tired.

AUG_ChrisGay @phfeiler all but Reed will be there.

AUG_ChrisGay @WStaats8 there still may be time though for a quick drive to Applebee's for a beverage.

AUG_ChrisGay @bravesbuzzer just walked around a golf course really. Nothing to it. :) AUG_ChrisGay Here's the #AugustaState game plan for Monday. Will arrive at airport at 4:30. Then, police escort to Julian Smith Casino for party.

AUG_ChrisGay If I'm an #AugustaState fan, I'd get to the airport at 4 p.m. Always cool to meet your team when it arrives. Then go the party.

AUG_ChrisGay I'm told the party at Julian Smith Casino is open to everyone. So go crazy on the cheese whiz.

AUG_ChrisGay @phfeiler they have to hire kevin mcpherson, the ASU women's golf coach. He was huge help this week. No-brainer.

AUG_ChrisGay #AugustaState loses coach Josh Gregory to SMU. ASU women's coach Kevin McPherson would be a perfect fit for men's job. Start the campaign.



AUG_ChrisGay @WCSmithIV thx. I think they're great, too. My daughters dance now for Augusta West. Recital last weekend. Small world.

AUG_ChrisGay Great scene about an hour after the ASU win. Carter's parents still sitting by 18. Dean Newman said they were "basking in the glory.".

AUG_ChrisGay @MLSuddeth06 thx

AUG_ChrisGay @WCSmithIV thx

AUG_ChrisGay @WCSmithIV my mom is marianne. That's correct.

AUG_ChrisGay Beat the pokes at Karsten Creek. Will face uGa tomorrow.

AUG_ChrisGay Holy smokes! Augusta State just shocked oklahoma state

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus makes. Carter now for the win. This now will be the biggest putt of his life.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus darn near holed it. Has about 6, 7 ft left. He will putt first. If einhaus misses, carter can two-putt for the win.

AUG_ChrisGay @spdchairman I think he won.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik is here next to patrick. Asu's first 2 points.

AUG_ChrisGay He will chip from about 40 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus chunked his chip. Still short of green.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter chips to about 7 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus in deep stuff right. Carter right by him in fringe. Maybe about 35 yds.

AUG_ChrisGay Whomever wins this carter-einhaus match, the rest of the gallery has to walk back to the clubhouse. Oh joy.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter hit tee shot into fw and second to right of green. Can't see it.

AUG_ChrisGay Second shot sliced. Can't see it. He's going to pee in the woods. That's better than in the portable toilets.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus is in rt rough

AUG_ChrisGay @golfgrambo exactly. Who's running this clambake anyway?

AUG_ChrisGay @spdchairman he's about to close out twy. Up 2 w 2 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter makies. Unbelievable.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus makes. Pressure now on carter.

AUG_ChrisGay Correction: einhaus is putting for bird.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus huts it past pin about 18 ft. Not a bad play. He'll have that for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter chips to 5 ft for bird. Pressure on Einhaus.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus' ball is sitting up. It may be slightly downhill. He short-sided himself. This will be a delicate shot.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter will have a better chance to get up and down. Birdie likely will win the hole and the match.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus in the bunker right.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter is short and to the left in the fw. Good miss. He can make bird from there

AUG_ChrisGay Kevin Mcpherson helped carter read that putt and is now helping in the fw. Carte is 10 yds behind Einhaus and will hit first.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik is leaking oil and is now 1-up thru 15.

AUG_ChrisGay Both players in the fw at 18. That was the biggest putt of Carter 's life.

AUG_ChrisGay @ACjoeyjones yowza!

AUG_ChrisGay @WCSmithIV wow

AUG_ChrisGay Dagger. Carter drilled it. Unbelievable. AS entering 18. Wow!

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus rolls it to 1ft. Par. Carter must make or go 1-down.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter with a great shot to 18 ft for par. Slick downhill putt.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus reaches front of the greeb in two. He has 40 ft up the hill for birdie. That's a tricky two-putt.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter just laid up into the right rough. Unsure of that play.

AUG_ChrisGay Par may be a great score at 17.

AUG_ChrisGay I'm unsure if carter can reach the green w that lie.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter's tee ball at 17.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus is in right fringe.

AUG_ChrisGay Whatever happens here, Carter's match will go to 18.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter hit his tee shot and hits a tree.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus is staring at his ball but crowd likes it.

AUG_ChrisGay Hoffnan birdied 14 and is up 3 with 4 to play against mitch.

AUG_ChrisGay Putt slides by. Einhaus wins hole. AS going to 17.

AUG_ChrisGay Must make for carter to have any chance of halving hole.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus to six ft.

AUG_ChrisGay A roar comes from behind us.

AUG_ChrisGay I'm told that putt is for double. Einnhaus is putting for par from about 80 ft. Not an easy two-putt.

AUG_ChrisGay Carted did get third out. Couldn't see it. Hit 4th from fw to 25 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch lost 13 and is 2-down. Carter tries to punch out of the woods sideways. Never got it out.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter went in the left rough and then just hooked his second into the trees. Einhaus, from rough, hit his loud into the woods.

AUG_ChrisGay Georgia defeated Duke, 3-2. Now, can the other Peach State team join the Bulldogs?

AUG_ChrisGay Kevin is doing a fine job as ASU ast. Was walking w Patrick. He's now w mitch.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus misses and Carter is 1-up w 3 to play. His match is pivotal.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik is 3-up thru 12. Carter made par.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter bogeyed 14 and is AS. He has 25 ft uphill for bird. Einhaus has 18 ft downhill for par.

AUG_ChrisGay @JNGolf I think you're wrong. Taylor hasn't played well since he changed his swing last summer.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed birdied to win his match 8 and 7. Total annihilation of the U.S. Amateur champ Uihlein

AUG_ChrisGay Just spoke to Olle standing by himself by the 13th fw. More than anyone, he desperately wants one more match on Sunday.

AUG_ChrisGay Patrick just won 10 and is now 7-up, like the drink. Literally :)

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik just won 11 to go 2-up on Tway.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed birdied 9 and is 6-up on uihlein

AUG_ChrisGay Hoffman missed from 6 ft at 11. He and mitch all square. Mitch hit into the fw at 12 and will have wedge. Hoffman drove grn and has 35 ft

AUG_ChrisGay @spdchairman I'm a group behind. Trying to find out. I'm w Mitch's group.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch just save par at par-12th from a terrible spot. He pitched downhill to 7 ft and made the comebacker.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter holed one from the fw at 12 to go 1-up. Augusta St. leads in 3 matches.

AUG_ChrisGay Hoffman just missed a 15 ft par putt at 10. Mitch back to 1-down.

AUG_ChrisGay Gooch just closed out Olle, 7 and 6. A little roar on the course.

AUG_ChrisGay Hoffman birdied 9 to go 2-up on mitch. Carter bogeyed 10 and is AS thru 11. Those two matches are key for ASU.

AUG_ChrisGay It is 4,000 degrees in the portable toilets on the course today. If you're at Karsten Creek, hold it as long as you can.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed just birdied 8 and is now 5-up thru 8. Reed is 4-under today.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik just birdied 8 to go 2-up on Tway.

AUG_ChrisGay Georgia's fifth man, MacPherson, is 2-up with three to play. If he wins his match, the Bulldogs will be in good shape. They lead 3-2.

AUG_ChrisGay @MEHernandez25 Remember, he lost qualifying and did not play well all season. I like Taylor, but I don't think he'd find his swing here.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle is about to be eliminated. He's 6-down thru 11.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed birdied 6 and 7 to go 4-up on Uihlein. Reed is 4-under for the day.

AUG_ChrisGay Georgia appears to be defeating Duke, 3-2, on the back nine. On-course scoreboards hard to read. Mitch said as much Friday.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus makes and pumps his fist. He really had to earn it to win the hole. Carter leads 1-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter to a ft. Par conceded.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter has 30 ft uphill for bird at 9. Einhaus has a devilish downhill 12 ftr for tweeter.

AUG_ChrisGay Ok, Tway eagled from the fw at 6. Then, he bogeyed 7. Henrik leads 1-up. ASU up in 3 matches.

AUG_ChrisGay Gooch won 9 to go 5-up on Olle.

AUG_ChrisGay For some reason, einhaus conceded carter's 3 ft bogey attempt. Einhaus missed his 6 ft bogey pt. Carter leads 2-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus has a downhill 12 ft par attempt. Carter had no chance but to go a little long. He has 15 ft downhill for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Newman hit second short and right of green at 8. Einhaus punched out of the trees.

AUG_ChrisGay This feel like a mini-Masters. Someone for ok state did something good at 6. Big roar.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter rolled it in. Einhaus made par. At 8, einhaus hit a sexond ball off the tee.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch lost 5 and is AS. Carter has 12 ft for par at 7. Einhaus has a downhill 4 ftr. ASU leads 2-1-2.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter is just off the green at 7 and has about 40 ft for bird. Einhaus has about 22 ft from the fringe.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter just rolled in a 15 ftr for par to halve 6 and stay 1-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Einhaus chopped out of the rough and is over there w Carter. Chipping contest now.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter just hit a great wedge into 6 about 10 ft left of the hole. The ball trickled all the way off the false left.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed just won 3 and is 3-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle loses 6 and is 3-down. ASU leads 3-1-1.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik just won 3 to even his match.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle has to come out sideways.

AUG_ChrisGay Gooch in fw at short 6th. Olle in the gooch left. This is a reversal of way olle played friday. Does he have a comeback in him?

AUG_ChrisGay Reed won his first 2 holes and leads 2-up. Carter is 1-up thru 4. Mitch is AS after hoffman doubled 3. Matsh is tied 2-2-1.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle just 3-putted from 30 ft at 5 and blew an opp to win the hole and pull to within 1-down.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch hit a horrific shot left at par-3 third, maybe a pull-hook. Pitched down has 18 ft or so from fringe for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik missed to go 1-down. Two bad putts.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle lost his first two holes. Hoffman made eagle to win 1 against mitch. Herik now has 12 ft for par. Tway missed the bird. Par for him.

AUG_ChrisGay Championships are held on neutral sites?

AUG_ChrisGay Why did the NCAA in its grand wisdom decide to hold a golf natl championship on one team's home course, while other major sports...

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik will have a long, maybe 60 ft birdie attempt at 2. Tway attacked the pin and has decent 15 ft bird try.

AUG_ChrisGay @spdchairman ASU in baby blue shirts and tan pants. Pokes in a dull oirange, maybe Georgia peachish, shirt and brown shorts.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik and Tway in left fw at 2.

AUG_ChrisGay Give it up to the OK state fans. They've been great, thus far. Not anywhere close to annoying like Texas A&M fans.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik, with ice water in his veins (literally - I hate when people misuse literally) drains birdie putt. Match remains AS, literally.

AUG_ChrisGay Tway rolls it in to a loud cheer.

AUG_ChrisGay Tway's third shot about 15 ft short. Henrik pitches third to 4 ft

AUG_ChrisGay It appears by the crowd noise mitch lost 1. He just hit a good drive at 2.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik stripes it at 1. Tway loses it right.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter strikes first blood and wins first hole.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitxh opens with great drive. So does hoffman.

AUG_ChrisGay Gooch birdied the first hole and leads 1-up over Olle.

AUG_ChrisGay Seeing will be difficult today. A lot of people here. Carter with a good opening drive, einhaus goes left.

AUG_ChrisGay T. Boone Pickens is riding a golf cart around here. How lazy.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle pounds his opening drive down the middle. Josh G. kidding with Henrik on putting green.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State will feel like its playing a Ryder Cup match of foreign soil today. About to start here.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State players fired up. Asher Wildman and Wrong Ron of Golfweek magazine predict an Oklahoma State win today.

AUG_ChrisGay WIndy conditions here at Karsten Creek. Temps will only reach 96.

AUG_ChrisGay @JNGolf I will be sweating to death here. Be jealous of that. Only 96 today.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State has nothing to lose today against Oklahoma State and everything to gain. All the pressure is on the Pokes.

AUG_ChrisGay And in the final match, the sizzling Patrick Reed (ASU)-Peter Uihlein rivalry begins at 12:21 pm. Both players will be pumped up.

AUG_ChrisGay ASU's Henrik Norlander is pitted against Kevin Tway at 12:12 pm in a matchup of two guys who've yet to play their best this week.

AUG_ChrisGay ASU's Mitch Krywulycz is paired with Morgan Hoffman at 12:03 pm Could be the match of the day.

AUG_ChrisGay In a rematch of last year, ASU's Carter Newman faces Sean Einhaus at 11:54. Newman seeks revenge for his only loss in match play.

AUG_ChrisGay Teams tee off in about two hours. Here's the lineup: Olle will go off first for ASU against Talor Gooch at 11:45 am.

AUG_ChrisGay Great day for golf this Saturday morning in Stillwater. Augusta State vs. Oklahoma State, the underdog vs. the heavy favorite. Should be fun


AUG_ChrisGay ASU players excited about rematch with OK State tomorrow.

AUG_ChrisGay For the second year in a row, Augusta State has eliminated Georgia Tech to advance to the final 4.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch makes. ASU wins and will advance to play OK state tomorrow.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch has 3 ft for the win.

AUG_ChrisGay Scott almost jarred his third. I think mitch conceded the bird. Now, Mitch has two putts for the ASU win.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch's opponent, Scott, is in left bunker at 18.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter amd patrick win their matches. Mitch on the green in two and will have 40 ft for eagle.

AUG_ChrisGay Leaving olle and heading back to 18 green. I guess I needed this extra walking.

AUG_ChrisGay The redheads are each 1-up thru 17. If Carter and Mitch can each halve 18, ASU wins.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski in the fw at 1. Olle in the left rough. Hole is a par-5

AUG_ChrisGay We're going to sudden death at No. 1.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski for the win.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle just missed to the right. Par.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik lost his match. Carter is 1-up thru 17.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski blasted 15 ft by the hole and will have a downhill try. Olle will go first.

AUG_ChrisGay @johnboyette sudden-death playoff.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle hits third to 20 ft and will have a pretty flat putt for birdie.

AUG_ChrisGay The match is 1-1-3 right now.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski hit second into greenside bunker. Olle blasts out into the fw. Maybe a 9-iron at worst.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle drove into the fw bunker at 18 and will have to lay up. Werenski is in the fw.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed is 3-up thru 14. Carter is AS thru 16 and mitch is AS thru 15.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle's match is all square. He absolutely has to win this last hole for ASU to have a chance to advance.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle's ball hit left and spun off into the left fringe. He has about 22-ft for par. Werenski pitched to 1 ft. Olle conceded

AUG_ChrisGay Olle has about 85 yds to back pin position.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle advanced iut forward and will have a wedge third. He was 1 ft off the fw.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski appears to be short on rt side of green. Olle is actually in the heavy stuff.

AUG_ChrisGay I believe the team score is ASU leading 3-1-1, but everything is fragile at this point. Werenski and olle each in rt fw.

AUG_ChrisGay @AugustaGolfGirl not yet.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle stares at his tee shot. It appears to be just off the fw. ..Carter has 40-ft for bird at 16. Henrik 1-down thru 14.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter is 1-up thru 15 and in the fw. Haley hit his sexond well short. Werenski staring at ball at 17.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle missed. He will lose hole and go 1-up w 2 to play. He'll have to hit the drive of his life at 17.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle will go first. Putts must be about same distance.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski rolls it 15 ft by. He has that for the par and the win.

AUG_ChrisGay Pitch to 12 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Check that. Werenski has 50 ft for birdie. Olle has to pitch out of the long stuff for par from that distance.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle has 50 ft for par. Werenski hit second left of the green into the deep stuff.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle found his ball in the trees. He advanced it, but he'll hit third from the rough. Wind is really starting to kick up here.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle may have hit his first ball in the trees left. Another ball in the fw. May be his provisional.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter is AS thru 14. Henrik is AS thru 13. Olle can close out his match with a win at 16.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle makes par. He's 2-up w 3 to play. And GT ast Christian newton actually replaced the pin.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski's putt slides by. Par.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle chips to 3 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski has a tricky, 15-ft downhill putt at par-3 15th. Olle is in front fringe and will have 45-50 ft uphill.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle missed the par putt and is now 2-up w 4 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski missed the bird. The par was conceded.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter will go for green at 14. Haley had to lay up.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle's poor pitch leaves him 15 ft for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter all square thru 13.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle attacked the pin and his ball bounced thru the green into the back rough. He has some work left for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski to 20 ft for bird. Olle has to go over a bunker to get it anywhere close. Safe play is left of bunker and leave 30-40 ft for bird.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski hit a lay up. Olle short-sided himself in right rough. He just needs to get his third on the green.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik won 12 and is all square.

AUG_ChrisGay Never saw Olle's second shot or the other kid's.

AUG_ChrisGay @johnboyette ok

AUG_ChrisGay Olle is waiting for the green to clear.

AUG_ChrisGay If olle can win this hole, he'll be dormie w 4 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle appears to have hit a fw wood at par-5 14th. He is safe in left fw. Werenski is about ro yds ahead on rt side of fw.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed is rockin' and rollin' at 4-up thru 10. The redheads are all square. Henrik is 1-down thru 11.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter 3-putted at 12. Match is all square.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle rolled it and somehow halved the hole. He's 3-up w 5 to play.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski lipped out the putt. Olle can halve the hole with his uphill attempt.

AUG_ChrisGay Not so fast. Werenski hit his 8 ft by and has a tricky comebacker for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle hit his fourth to six feet. May be too little, too late.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski just off the green. Olle has some work to do for par, much less bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle hacked it maybe 40 yards. Still in the right rough.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle missed the 13 a smidge to the right. Werenski is in the right fairway, but I don't know if he has a good angle to this small green.

AUG_ChrisGay ASU up 3-1. Olle up 3 with 6 holes to play. Reed 3-up thru 8. Henrik won 9 to get to 1-down. Mitch is back to AS. Carter is 1-up thru 11.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter just won 10 to take a 1-up lead. ASU now up 4-1.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle held serve at 10 and continues to lead at 3-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter is all square thru 9. Henrik is 2-down. Henrik's back nine has been a mixed bag in stroke play. He did make 4 birds in Rd. 2.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State leads Georgia Tech 3-1-1 thru 7 holes. Reed is 2-up over White thru 7. Mitch is 1-up thru 8. Olle is 3-up thru 9......

AUG_ChrisGay Georgia is holding a slim 3-1-1 lead over Illinois thru 10 holes.

AUG_ChrisGay UPSET ALERT: No. 8 seed Duke is leading No. 1 Seed UCLA, 4-1, with just a few holes left.

AUG_ChrisGay Haley missed the difficult putt. Carter squares it up heading to the back nine.

AUG_ChrisGay Haley has a tricky left-to-right slider from 20 ft for bird at 9. Carter spins wedge to 1 ft. That's a kick-in birdie. Pressure on Haley.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle bogeyed 9 and his lead is down to 3-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter drilled the putt and is now 1-down.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter takes the pin out and gives it a good read.

AUG_ChrisGay Haley putts to 3 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter wedged his just on the green and will have 30 ft for par. He and Haley may each walk off with bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed is 1-up thru 4. ASU leads 3-2 right now....Haley hit a terrible chip and has 45 ft left from the fringe.

AUG_ChrisGay Haley misses approach at 8 short and to the right. He will have a long pitch. Carter goes about the same place.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter stripes his drive long into the fw at 8. Should have a great angle for a possible bird. ... Olle lost 8.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter knocked it in and won the hole from the bunker. He's 2-down and now has some momentum.

AUG_ChrisGay Haley missed wide right and still has 3 ft for bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Haley hit a bad putt short and has 15 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter 3-down thru 6 and hit out of the bunker at 7 to 5 ft. Haley has 45 ft for bird.

AUG_ChrisGay @kevinfaiglewrdw I thought he'd play well today.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch just picked up another hole and is 3-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle just hit his drive right at 8, the difficult par-4. Werenski finds the fw.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik is 1-down thru 4.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle rolls it in and is now 5-up thru 7.

AUG_ChrisGay Werenski, Olle's foe, now has 5 ft for par.

AUG_ChrisGay GT kid punched it to the fringe. He has 40 ft downhill for par.

AUG_ChrisGay He has about 6 ft left for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle's putt may be more like 40 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle has 30 ft for birdie at 7. The Gt kid is off the green to the right.

AUG_ChrisGay Josh Gregory's father-in-law just found a four-leaf clover on the course. A good omen?

AUG_ChrisGay Olle is now 4-up thru 5. Mitch is 2-up thru 4

AUG_ChrisGay Olle is 3-up thru 4.

AUG_ChrisGay White just hit it long into the junk at 3. He will have a difficult time making par. Reed went in the front bunker.

AUG_ChrisGay White must have won 2. Reed teeing off second at 3. Their match all square.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik pulled the putt and made par. Griffin's birdie just slid by. Henrik still 1-down.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik is 1-down but has a decent 30 ft uphill putt at 3. Griffin has about 18 ft downhill. And man, it is hot out here.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch rolled in a 4 ftr at 3 to go 1-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Made it w confidence. Reed 1-up.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed has 7 ft for the win. White left his birdie putt 6 inches short.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed has 70 ft for eagle. White has 15 ft downhill for birdie.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik makes griffin putt his 3 ftr. He makes. All square.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik's putt found a ridge that pushed it into the left fringe. He hit a 30 ftr to 2 ft for conceded par.

AUG_ChrisGay Griffin has 25 ft for birdie. Henrik is chatting up a storm and kidding around with Gregory. They are loose today.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik reaches front of 1 green in two. He'll have about 75 ft for eagle. GT's Griffin is about 80 yds short of pin

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch walked after it as he rolled it. Confident stroke. Great par.

AUG_ChrisGay GT kid makes par.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch has 8 ft uphill for par.

AUG_ChrisGay GT kid will have 15 ft downhill for birdie at 1. Mitch has what looks like a 56-degree wedge and about 30 yards left.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch found the trees at 1. Punched out and blasted third just short of green. Will have par try. GT kid laid up.

AUG_ChrisGay If and when Josh Gregory leaves, Kevin would be a fantastic replacement.

AUG_ChrisGay Speaking of Reed, ast coach kevin mcpherson will walk with him again today. Kevin's done a great job this week.

AUG_ChrisGay Just learned Patrick Reed's earned a sponsor's exemption into the PGA Tour event in Memphis.

AUG_ChrisGay And he did. Carter 1-down to Haley.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle won the first hole. Carter ran into tree trouble at 1 and is about to lose the hole.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State is wearing red today against Ga. Tech. Patrick Reed on putting green.

AUG_ChrisGay The match play bracket.

AUG_ChrisGay @JNGolf I saw that and thought the same.

AUG_ChrisGay This is a big IF, but if Augusta State can win its match today, it could possibly face host and top-ranked Oklahoma State in the semis.

AUG_ChrisGay Keep an eye on Olle Bengtsson today. Twenty-four of his past 36 holes have been par or birdie. He could give Augusta some early momentum.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter Newman, who defeated Paul Haley at the final hole in 2010, will face him again today.

AUG_ChrisGay Though Augusta State and Georgia Tech faced off in last year's quarterfinals, only one individual matchup is the same.

AUG_ChrisGay Hypothetically speaking, had Augusta State played Georgia Tech yesterday it would've won 2 matches, lost one and had two tied thru 18.

AUG_ChrisGay Oklahoma State and Ohio State will be right behind Augusta State and Georgia Tech. Every team going off the 1 tee today.

AUG_ChrisGay The UCLA-Duke match starts at 11 am (EST) and will be followed by the Illinois-Georgia match. Augusta State-Georgia Tech start at 12:30 pm

AUG_ChrisGay Good morning, everyone. Weather in Stillwater will be hot and windy today. Golfers will feel like they're playing in a hair dryer.


AUG_ChrisGay This is what it looks back on the walk to my car. In the middle of nowhere.

AUG_ChrisGay @MLSuddeth06 Thx. You can call my boss about the raise part. :)

AUG_ChrisGay @phfeiler How they finished today. WIll play the Yellow Jackets tomorrow.

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 You are correct. Would face the Pokes in the semis.

AUG_ChrisGay ASU looks like it will be paired with Georgia Tech tomorrow in a rematch of last year.

AUG_ChrisGay ASU letting out collective sigh. Safe in seventh. Will advance to match play.

AUG_ChrisGay Taps in. Par. ASU looks safe.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed knocked it to a ft

AUG_ChrisGay @phfeiler sorry.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed blasted out and will have 30 ft downhill for birdie.

AUG_ChrisGay ASU will tie for sixth with a birdie. Seventh with a par. Waiting on the OSU kid.

AUG_ChrisGay The OSU kid won't count. So he's irrelevant. Buckeyes should finish sixth.

AUG_ChrisGay I think the OSU kid just chunked his third shot in the fw. He has about 45 yds left. This pressure is something else.

AUG_ChrisGay @MEHernandez25 that too.

AUG_ChrisGay It's a bit of a fried-egg lie. He should be able to get it out. Has about 10 yds to pin.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed hits second into the front greenside bunker.

AUG_ChrisGay Texas a&m kid misses. Par.

AUG_ChrisGay OSU kid makes birdie at 18. Now buckeyes in 7th and ASU in eighth. Carter taps in his par.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed is waiting for the green to clear.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter leaves himself a ft for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed appears to have smoked his drive. He may go for the green in two.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter see the putt breaking to the left. He has his long putter out.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed parred 17. ASU could use a birdie from him in a big way at the last.

AUG_ChrisGay OSU and TAM guys wedged to about 10 ft at 18. Carter's ball never spun. He has 25 ft for birdie downhill - about same putt as Mitch.

AUG_ChrisGay Gregory just sprinted to the fairway to talk to Carter.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter hit a lay up - a lot of guys have - at 18. He'll have a full wedge to the green. He needs to make par at worst.

AUG_ChrisGay He has to feel sickened.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik's putt rimmed out. Bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Texas A&M kid barely missed a long birdie try.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik leaves himself 3 ft for par. Nothing is easy today, folks.

AUG_ChrisGay Ohio st. Kid just left his long bird attempt short. He makes par.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter bogeyed 17 and ASU has a two-shot lead over eighth. This has the feel of the final seconds of a basketball game.

AUG_ChrisGay @kevinfaiglewrdw I just saw that.

AUG_ChrisGay Right now, ASU in sixth. Waiting to get an update on Carter at 17.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik has 25 ft slightlky downhill right-to-left breaker for birdie at 18.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed birdied the par-3 seventh.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch knocked it in. Par.

AUG_ChrisGay Ohio st w a birdie putt at 18.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch never got it there. About 18 inches left for par.

AUG_ChrisGay @AmyStorey not so much. They finished at like +57. Good experience for them, though.

AUG_ChrisGay OK, it may be a smidge downhill. ASU could use another birdie.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch has about 15 ft for birdie at 18. Pretty flat putt.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik babied another par putt in the left side. Huge.

AUG_ChrisGay Holy smokes, Carter made the birdie putt. Now, it's up to Henrik.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik's ball slowed through the fringe. Has 5 ft for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed with a clutch birdie at 5 to get ASU back to +24 and in a tie for eighth.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik just off the green will have a tricky 25-ftr for birdie.

AUG_ChrisGay @kevinfaiglewrdw yes, it will come down to Mitch.

AUG_ChrisGay @JNGolf haha

AUG_ChrisGay Carter almost aced 7. He has 8 ft, not an easy putt mind you, for birdie.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik just babied that putt in there. Clutch par.

AUG_ChrisGay If the Jaguars can stay where they are, the ninth hole is a birdie hole.

AUG_ChrisGay @JNGolf They're annoying today.

AUG_ChrisGay @kevinfaiglewrdw very true.

AUG_ChrisGay Jaguars are tied for ninth with Duke at +25. Blue Devils almost done. ASU cannot slip past Duke if it wants to make match play.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik blasted from sand 5 ft past hole. He has a downhill putt for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch didn't like his tee shot at 8. He can ill afford another bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch just bogeyed 7. Jaguars letting this thing slip away.

AUG_ChrisGay Jaguars at +24 in ninth, two shots behind three teams.

AUG_ChrisGay Texas A&M kid dropped a 4 ftr for par. Henrik made his par.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik just missed, putt slid by 3 feet.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik on the green in 2 at short 6th

AUG_ChrisGay Aggie fans being a bit over the top with their cheering. They act like it's a football game. That's what their coaches wanted though.

AUG_ChrisGay Norlande pitched to 5 ft. Made par.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch failed to get up and down at 5 and made bogey. Now, Henrik went long at 5. Things getting hairy for ASU.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch birdied 4 and ASU now has a (wo-shot lead on ninth. Every shot from here on out is extremely big.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik is back to +2 and the Jaguars don't need him going south.

AUG_ChrisGay Newman two-putted for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle just went bogey-double on 3 and 4 and is +6 and not counting. Mitch is back in play at +5.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter changed clubs at par-3 third. Good choice. He reached the back right pin location and has 12 ft downhill for birdie.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik two-putted for par at 3.

AUG_ChrisGay @ACjoeyjones Ouch.

AUG_ChrisGay @SeanFrantom yep.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed missed birdie putt. Makes comeback par.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed wedged 8 ft past

AUG_ChrisGay Reed just short of green at par-5 1st. ASU in seventh with 6-shot separation between ninth place.

AUG_ChrisGay In case you're wondering, karsten Creek is this far from Augusta.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed birdied 18. ASU in solid seventh +18. A lot of teams back-sliding, including UGA at +15.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed pitched down and has 4 ft for bird.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed hit his second past the green. He has a tricky downhill third shot from about 35-40 feet from the fringe.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed in fw at 18.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter just 3-putted for par.

AUG_ChrisGay A little technical difficulty here. Sorry about the delay. Three Augusta players have turned. Carter has 30ft for eagle from fringe at 18

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch just punched out and will have a pretty decent 8-ft attempt for bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Pretty sporty play to get it in the right rough. He will have to lay up. A bogey will be remarkable.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed birdied 14 to get to +1. Mitch is about to hit this. It'll be amazing if he gets it out.

AUG_ChrisGay Now, mitch is trying to figure out what to do. He's still in the trees.

AUG_ChrisGay Somehow, Mitch found his ball in this stuff.

AUG_ChrisGay Neither was his ball. Now he's looking in another spot.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch arguing with a rules official, who found two balls. Mitch didn't care to find the ball in there and the rules guy said he identify it.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch just hit one deep in the trees at 17. He just hit his provisional against a tree in the left rough. No good options here.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch two-putts for par, and pars are exceptional today.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter birdied 14 to get back to +2. Augusta State in ninth at +20, but Alabama is starting to falter ahead of them

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch has a 25-ft right-to-left breaker for birdie at 16. Did I mention the wind?

AUG_ChrisGay The wind is really kicking around. Bad day for golf and hair. Great day for flying kites.

AUG_ChrisGay There is a desperate search party for a ball left of 16 fw in Mitch's group. It's the Texas A&M kid. At some pt, the 5 mins will run out.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State has fallen to +21 and is now three shots out of eighth. Very windy now. Patience will be the key.

AUG_ChrisGay The wind put the brakes on Reed's birdie putt. He jammed in the 3-ft par putt.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter parred 3. Reed wedges to 20 ft at 3. He'll have a downhill birdie try.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta currently in eighth at +18 - +6 today. Jaguars one shot ahead of Ohio St. And two ahead of about 3 other teams.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed chipped to a foot for double.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed hit his tee shot at par-3 11th long and right into rough. He flubbed lob shot from tough lie. Third went past hole and off the green.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter converts 7-ft par putt @11.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed converts par.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed punches out to 6 ft. He'll have that for par. ... Wind can't make up its mind whether it wants to blow or not.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter doubled 10 after running into tree trouble. Olle is +1 thru 3, Mitch is even thru 2, Henrik is +1 thru 2.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed striped his drive and missed the green right. ... The winds have died down here.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle opens with bogey. Henrik pars 10.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter drives into the right rough. Won't be easy making par.

AUG_ChrisGay "Henry" striped his opening drive down the middle. Perfect shot.

AUG_ChrisGay Lighthearted moment on the tee when the starter introduced Henrik as "Henry.". He chuckled.

AUG_ChrisGay BTW, Mitch's mom said their last name "Krywulycz" is believed to be Polish. She added their name is the lone one in the phone book.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch drives it down the middle. Lot better than Wednesday when he lost it right and made triple.

AUG_ChrisGay Texas A&M coaches asking their fans to make noise when their players do something good today. Aggies have good-sized gallery.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle opens with perfect drive down the middle at 10. Tee times a few minuts late. Mitch walks to the tee w/a confident smile.

AUG_ChrisGay Windy!

AUG_ChrisGay The wind is a'blowin' today.

AUG_ChrisGay After two days of calm conditions at Karsten Creek, the wind has returned with a vengeance. Expect scores to go higher today.

AUG_ChrisGay There are essentially 15 teams vying for the 8 match play spots. Augusta is seventh and has eight teams behind it within eight shots.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch at 2, Henrik at 210, Carter at 220 and Patrick at 230.

AUG_ChrisGay For the final round, Augusta State go off in order of how they played the first two rounds. Olle first at 150 pm (EST)n followed by...

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State is in seventh place at the NCAAs and will start today's final round of stroke play at 150 pm (EST).


AUG_ChrisGay @spdchairman I'm not into tattoos. I may need to buy a red sweater vest, though.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State will tee off No. 10 Thursday with Ohio State and Texas A&M. It will feel like match play.

AUG_ChrisGay Second round is over. Augusta State is in seventh and owns a two-shot lead over Texas A&M and Ohio State.

AUG_ChrisGay @AmyStorey Maybe KSU can build off this experience. Nice to have a fourth school from Georgia here.

AUG_ChrisGay Kennesaw State crashed back to Earth today. Owls are 25-over and out of contention for making match play.

AUG_ChrisGay @ACjoeyjones Zing!

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 If hit it a smidge crooked on Nos. 5-9, you will have a difficult time making par. It's like a U.S. Open setup almost.

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 very true. Look for Henrik to play well, Patrick and Mitch to bounce back and Carter and Olle to keep battling.

AUG_ChrisGay The hammer has dropped on Ohio State. Buckeyes have fallen to +14. Augusta State up to seventh.

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 and I am circling June 1 on my planner and putting: Chris 1, Scott 0.

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 Haha. I've covered a few more college events than you have. :) ASU is in good shape.

AUG_ChrisGay It appears the Jaguars will go off the No. 10 tee in the final round of stroke play starting at 12:50 p.m. Thursday.

AUG_ChrisGay Ohio State continues to fall. Buckeyes down to +11, within one shot of Augusta State.

AUG_ChrisGay Ohio State has dropped to +9. Augusta state within three shots.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State currently in solo eighth. Keep an eye on Ohio state. Buckeyes are sixth, but bleeding a bit and could slip past Jaguars.

AUG_ChrisGay @spdchairman still one more round Thursday. ASU in good shape at eighth now.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State up to ninth, two shots out of eighth.

AUG_ChrisGay Sweet Baby James Gregory, the almost 9-month-old son of Josh Gregory, lifted the mood of the team - especially Patrick Reed - post-round.

AUG_ChrisGay Wind is kicking up a bit here. Don't be surprised if Augusta State climbs from 10th to 7th at day's end.

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 it is not playing easy here. ASU hung in there. Scores will back up later today. Getting windier here.

AUG_ChrisGay Newman and Reed birdie 18. ASU shoots another +6 and will be anywhere from 8th-10th at day's end.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik bogeys 17. Olle has birdied two in a row. Augusta State +4 for day, +10 for event.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik just dropped a 30-foot birdie at 7 to get to -4. He has been rock solid today.

AUG_ChrisGay Josh Gregory: "Hanging in there."

AUG_ChrisGay Reed is struggling w his driver. He has to get up and down from left rough to save par.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed converts his par.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed has 5 ft for par. He can ill afford another bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik -2 thru 14. Reed drove into the rough at 5 (14th), but he found the green. He has about 50 ft for birdie.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle and Patrick have posted bogeys. Augusta State back to 12-over. Reed is 3-over on the front nine.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle's putt slides left at the end. Bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle has about 12ft downhill for par. A bogey's OK. But he is the key for the Jaguars today.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State is tied for 11th, five shots back of eighth.

AUG_ChrisGay Half these fw spotters are asleep.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch wedged to a ft. That should help w confidence.

AUG_ChrisGay Carter birdied 18 as well. Mitch, who is +8 and not counting so far, is short of the green in 2.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle rolls in the birdie putt. That's two in a row for him w/ the par-5 first next.

AUG_ChrisGay Olle hit his third to 8 ft. He'll have a makeable birdie chance.

AUG_ChrisGay This Georgia Tech kid, J.T. Griffin, just hit his second right at us left of 18 green - about 8 ft short. Whatever happened to "FORE!"?

AUG_ChrisGay Olle drove into the rough at 18 but wedged out to good lay-up range. He has about 100 yds or so left to the green.

AUG_ChrisGay @kevinfaiglewrdw best 4 per day.

AUG_ChrisGay Here's the pin flag: white w/blue NCAA logo and orange OSU logo. You can get it on Ebay for $.12.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed drains it. Throw in an Olle birdie at 17 and Jaguars have picked up three quick shots.

AUG_ChrisGay These are the worst looking pin flags I've seen in my life. I bet you get a free bowl of soup with them. Will send a pic.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed blasts to 4 ft. Should be a fairly benign birdie attempt.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed is in the front greenside bunker in 2 at 18.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik drops the putt to get back to -2. ASU will need him. Team is +6 w/Mitch and Olle each at +5.

AUG_ChrisGay That Mou kid from Florida hit a screamer from just off the green that almost creamed Augusta St. coach Josh Gregory.

AUG_ChrisGay @kevinfaiglewrdw Ha, ha. But I can only see 1, 2 guys at a time.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik hits third hole high 15 ft to the left. He has a makeable uphill birdie try.

AUG_ChrisGay Still overcast here. Not overly hot, but it's very humid. Temps will rise to about 90 in the afternoon. Possible thunderstorm.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik's second is in the fw. He'll have a wedge in.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik went Molly Hatchet at 18, flirting with the water left. He likely will lay up.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed birdied 16. Henrik bogeyed 17. Augusta +4 today. But 18 is a birdie hole.

AUG_ChrisGay Mou pitched out into the deep stuff. He will have to punch out again.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik in Sherwood Forest left of 17 fw. He will likely layup. Florida's Tommy Mou hit his drive Rush Limbaugh right.

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 well this is playing like a U.S. Open. And the day is very young, my negative friend.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State is off to +2 start. Nothing to be worried about. Teams are going to backward today. Anywhere from even to +6 will be good.

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 you are negative Nancy from afar. What do you think you're doing? Putting? :)

AUG_ChrisGay Reed two-putted for par. The first one just slid by. He has scared the hole on several occasions today.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed has a tricky 18-ft downhill birdie putt at 15.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed missed. Disappointing par. Slams putter into his bag.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed had more like 60 ft. Hit it to about 6 ft.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik birdied 5 to get to -3. Mitch parred 2. Augusta is even as a team today.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed on front of green in 2 at par-5 14th. Will have a long eagle try. Maybe 50 ft or so.

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 yeah, but it's very, very early.

AUG_ChrisGay Bambi sighting!!! A deer just crossed the 14 fairway before Reed hit his second shot. What is this? Augusta National?

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 Henrik will play well and make up for Mitch. Besides, Mitch is a fighter. He'll hang in there.

AUG_ChrisGay And the media center is in the cart area underneath the clubhouse. When someone flushes a toilet, we hear the water whoosh. Nice.

AUG_ChrisGay In case ur wondering, this is Augusta weather in Stillwater. It's a bit muggy. Not blazing hot yet.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch just took a triple at the opening hole. He's +3. Carter is even thru 2. Olle is +1 thru 2. And now Reed is +1 thru 4.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik chipped in for his bird at 4.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed punched out and will have a 15-ft right-to-left breaker for par.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik birdied 4 to go -2. Reed just drove it into the gnarly stuff right at 4. He has no choice but to punch out to the fw.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed pars 3. He marked his 8-inch par putt and hit it in the side door. Didn't want to rush it and miss another short one like Tuesday.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed hits a high wedge to 15 feet at 3. He'll have a good uphill birdie try.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik two-putts for par. Remains at -1 for the day.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik wedges to 15 ft at 3. Will have a decent birdie try.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik drops a 30-foot birdie bomb at par-3 11th. That should do wonders for his confidence.

AUG_ChrisGay Day 2: Henrik opens with par at 10. Look for him to play well today. Reed lips out 15-foot birdie attempy at 10. He opens with par.

AUG_ChrisGay ASU is on the course, going off the 10 tee. The main sound now: crickets.


AUG_ChrisGay @spdchairman Remind me tomorrow morning. Will be at the course by 715 am. Video of ASU golfers

AUG_ChrisGay ASU finishes at 6-over. Currently in ninth. Mitch closes w 71. ASU returns tomorrow and tees off at 720 CST.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch's eagle putt just slides by. He has a tap-in birdie left for 71.

AUG_ChrisGay Newman made par for 74. Mitch is on 18 in two and has about 30 ft for eagle.

AUG_ChrisGay Newman a bit of a funky, sidehill lie in front greenside bunker. Blasts to 20 ft. Will have a birdie attempt.

AUG_ChrisGay @scomic01 Taylor was struggling with ball-striking as well. Unsure he could've done better.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed lipped out the putt. He's missed a couple of other short ones as well. Could have shot around 65, 66. Finishes at 69.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State is in 10th, but it's 9 off the lead.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed just played about 4 ft of break and the ball barely moved. He's got 4 ft for birdie.

AUG_ChrisGay @bravesbuzzer I will get an answer about the back later.

AUG_ChrisGay Newman just birdied 17 to offset Henrik's bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Hit his second to the right fringe. About 40 feet left for eagle, slightly downhill.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed is long in the fw at 18.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik converts bogey. Shoots +2 on par-5s en route to 80.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik missed. Two feet left for bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay @bravesbuzzer I'd be surprised to see him play this poorly tomorrow. I did hear he's having back issues, tho.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik missed his wedge shot from the middle of fw to left of the green. Pitched up to 5 ft. Must make for 79.

AUG_ChrisGay Gregory to Henrik: "That's your best swing of the day."

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik drove in right rough at 18 and will layup.

AUG_ChrisGay Walked almost all of Karsten Creek and have seen no snakes. I consider that a victory.

AUG_ChrisGay @golfgrambo they may be able to pick up another shot ot two at par-5 18th.

AUG_ChrisGay @TrigGoJags no problem. Will continue updates all week.

AUG_ChrisGay @MEHernandez25 channeling his inner-Michaux.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed with a huge 10-foot birdie at 17. Reed is -3, one shot off individual lead.

AUG_ChrisGay @SeanFrantom yes. They will have to step it tomorrow, tho.

AUG_ChrisGay @bravesbuzzer Driver issues and putter problems. Bad combo to have.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik drove in the left rough at 17, hacked out and made another bogey. He's +7 and needs to make par or better at 18 to avoid 80.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State currently in 10th at +6.

AUG_ChrisGay Surprisingly, host Oklahoma State is 6-over today, a shot behind Augusta State. Cowboys have a lot of pressure to win NCAAs this week.

AUG_ChrisGay Play has slowed down considerably. Augusta state likely finish after 5 hours.

AUG_ChrisGay After a 10-minute wait on the tee, Henrik failed to get up and down from just in front of the par-3 15th. Heks down to +6.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik has butchered 14. Right rough off the tee, left rough, third to 30 yds, wedge short, wedge to 15 feet. But he saved bogey.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed had it on track but left his birdie attempt 8 inches short.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed just went birdie-birdie-bogey to open the back side. He's 2-under and has about 20 ft for birdie from fringe at 13.

AUG_ChrisGay Norlander just missed an uphill 10-foot birdie chance at 13. He's really struggled with the flatstick today. A couple of par-5s remain, tho.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed birdied 10 to get back to 2-over. ASU players turning now and holding steady at 2-over.

AUG_ChrisGay Host and top-ranked Oklahoma State is +4. No. 2 UCLA is 5-over. No. 3 Alabama is +4

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik really struggled on the front at 3-over. He will be a difference-maker on the back side.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State has fallen to 2-over. Anything around 7- or 8-over is OK. But you don't want to backslide too much more.

AUG_ChrisGay And Reed made it. Par.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed's downhill putt wasn't close. He's got about 6 ft to save par.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed just double bogeyed to fall to 1-under. He has about 15 feet for birdie at 8.

AUG_ChrisGay Henrik lipped out a 3-footer for par and drained the 4-foot bogey at 8. He's back to 3-over.

AUG_ChrisGay Ohio State is the clubhouse leader at 3-over followed by Kennesaw State at 7-over in NCAAs.

AUG_ChrisGay Reed is 3-under, Henrik birdied 7 to get to 2-over. Henrik just reached the green in two at 8 and will have a decent birdie try.

AUG_ChrisGay Bengtsson made a quaruple bogey on 4 and then failed to get up and down on 5. He's 5-over and not counting at this point.

AUG_ChrisGay UGA takes advantage of opening hole and leads at 3-under, while Augusta, Georgia Tech and LSU are tied at 2-under.

AUG_ChrisGay Newman curls in a short par attempt at 3 to remain at 1-over. ASU still tied for the lead at 2-under.

AUG_ChrisGay Just saw our first wildcat/fox sighting here at Oklahoma's Animal Kingdom.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch opens with birdie, rolling in a 7-footer.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State off to an early 3-under start and leading the NCAAs. Reed is 2-under.

AUG_ChrisGay Karsten Creek featuring blue skies, no wind and hot conditions. Perfect day for golf. Now if someone could do something about these gnats.

AUG_ChrisGay Mitch K. On the green in two. Downhill, 35-footer for eagle. ... Earlier, Reed birdied the first hole.

AUG_ChrisGay All the Augusta st. guys have teed off. Mitch K. Looked upset w/his tee shot. It's long in middle of fairway.

AUG_ChrisGay Augusta State has started: Norlander finds the fw with his tee shot off No. 1.

AUG_ChrisGay @SarahDayOwen Good luck (you will need it! Take that, Wayne Staats!) Seriously, have an awesome day!

AUG_ChrisGay Afternoon thunderstorms expected today in Stillwater. Augusta State tees off w/GT and Florida at 12:40 pm (CST).



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