Chief accuser of Roger Clemens is grilled for fifth day

WASHINGTON — Roger Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin jabbed his left index finger and hammered away, relentlessly attacking Brian McNamee over his personal life and accusing the government’s chief witness of “making up this stuff on the fly.”


The attorney finally sprung his trap and pointed out what appeared to be a flaw in McNamee’s story about the collection of evidence that turned up in a beer can.

Hardin aimed for a classic “gotcha” moment while asking McNamee about the Miller Lite beer can. McNamee says he put the needle and other waste from a 2001 steroids injection of Clemens into the can, but he also says the can contained remnants from injections related to other players.

McNamee’s explanations: “I misspoke; I’m sorry” and “It’s never been asked that way to me.”

Clemens’ longtime strength coach endured a fifth day Friday of questioning – he’s now spent some 24 hours in the swivel chair between jury and judge in the perjury trial of the pitcher.

Clemens is charged with lying to Congress in 2008 when he said he never used steroids or human growth hormone.

McNamee will return to the stand Monday.