JewelMint offers shiny accessories at reasonable prices

Trendy statement jewelry is so much fun, but its a silly thing on which to spend a lot of money. You don’t have to go Forever 21 or Charming Charlie cheap, though, if you join one of my new, favorite shopping communities.


JewelMint is a free-to-join jewelry shopping Web site that curates selective suggestions based on your personal style preferences and shopping history. The best part? Prices start at $29.99 and drop even lower during special promo deals (new members get any two pieces for $29.99!). You also earn credits by buying jewelry and referring friends. Check it out and join today at



The Augusta Market announced Wednesday that it will be extending the season through the New Year this winter, a perfect place to find gifts of all kinds this holiday season, and maybe even locally-grown Christmas trees. The Augusta Market has been such a great addition to the downtown area, and is a fantastic way to spend Saturday mornings (especially for families with children). From greyhound adoptions to beignets to produce to local artists, it’s like a mini festival every Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Like them on Facebook to stay updated with the cooler-weather offerings:



It’s crazy to think that the iPad and similar tablets have been in mainstream retail only since 2010, isn’t it? We’ve become so accustomed to the device many people labeled unnecessary and too peripheral for the average tech consumer. Well, Apple unveiled the fifth-generation iPad recently, and it’s really something. The most obvious difference is size: the iPad Air is almost 3/4-inch narrower than the other standard iPads, and weighs only one pound. It has the exact same screen size, and is only.29 inches thick. Battery life is upwards of 10 hours, and WiFi and processing speeds are improved. One interesting feature left off was the touch ID fingerprint sensor released in the iPhone 5s. I’m not sure why Apple engineers left that off of the iPad, but I imagine we’ll see that in the next rollout.



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