Shopgirl: It's A Man's Place a new take on old idea

Nine West's Ionesco 3 boots have been marked down from $139 to $49.97 on



Harlem has a new business that’s a great new take on an old idea – a consignment store for men. It’s A Man’s Place is a hybrid of Craigslist, yard sales, eBay and your neighbor’s tool shed so that you can buy great items at a good price and sell unwanted items. Their Facebook page stays updated with items currently available, and the range is pretty incredible. The last time I checked, they had two gallons of figs for sale, a Snapper riding mower and a CB radio among other things. The Facebook page has all the info you will need, so find them at



It might sound weird, but now is the time to buy boots. These are the last few weeks that retailers will be selling their 2012-2013 boots at slashed prices before rolling out this year’s boots. You can go to any department store or your favorite online shoe sites to see, but I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite steals. On, Nine West’s Ionesco 3 has been marked down from $139 to $49.97. Aldo is selling their Limeira boot at $38.49, a far cry from the original price of $150. Those are just two examples of the kinds of prices you can find this time of year, so get shopping!



One of the best trends of late has been the increase in people trying to eat better, and companies designed to make that easier. NatureBox is the latest in that category, a subscription service that sends you tasty treats that are free of all the high fructose corn syrup and nitrates we’ve all grown to hate.

The service is just $19.95 per month, and you can know each product passes the very highest inspections – no artificial sweeteners, no artificial coloring and no trans fats. Find out more at, where you can also enjoy the blog that gives you more in-depth info about each product they feature in the NatureBox of the month.



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