T-shirts are a conversation starter



Is your high school graduate moving to a faraway place? Worried he’ll forget about his roots?

The Home T is a great way to keep the Peach State (or the Palmetto State) close to a graduate’s heart.

A simple gray T-shirt, The Home T screenprints the phrase “home” on to a white outline of the state of your choice.

The Home T will put the outline of most states, and even Canada and Australia, on T-shirts and tote bags for $25. A portion of the profits are donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis society, designated specifically for research. Check them out www.thehomet.com.



There’s no shortage of things to do this Memorial Day.

The Augusta GreenJackets are playing at Lake Olmstead Stadium, the Augusta Concert Band is live on the Savannah River at the Jessye Norman Amphitheater, and more. You can find all the events at events.augusta.com.

If you prefer to have a more reflective holiday, there are quite a few options for that.

There are ceremonies at the Georgia War Veterans nursing home and the All Wars Monument, and a Civil War roundtable at the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington, Ga.



We talked about Google Glass last week, and this week Google announced that its Chrome browser can now talk back to you during Google searches.

When you ask Chrome a simple question such as, “What’s the capital of Nebraska?” not only will Google pull up the answer – it can speak it out loud to you.

It also has the capability for follow-up questions such as, “What’s the population?”

Some say Google’s
iPhone app is better than Siri, so if you find yourself frustrated by the constant “Sorry, I don’t understand,” give it a try. It’s free in the App store and does virtually everything Siri does – just don’t tell her you’re straying.

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