Shopgirl: Deals on boots, share what's on Netflix and go get some barbecue for a good cause

Sibling String will perform March 21 at PigJam to benefit Sacred Heart Cultural Center.



Now is the time to shop for boots.

I know the warmer weather has us wanting wedge sandals, but next fall will be so much fun if you take advantage of the deals going on right now.

Of course, retailers have prices slashed low, but Shoes at Surrey, 487 Highland Ave., Augusta, had boots 70 percent off.

Remember that these steals often come without the option to make returns, so make sure the boot fits before you buy it.

There’s nothing worse than having the cutest pair of shoes that is perfect in every way – except for the shooting pain when you take a step.



Hard to believe we ever got along without Netflix, isn’t it?

It’s so easy to recommend movies and television shows – just tell your friends “Oh, it’s on Netflix” and they won’t have to borrow your copy or trek down to the video rental place.

The company recently took steps to make us even more connected by offering the option to sync your Facebook profile and Netflix account.

You can now share your favorites, make recommendations or see what your friends have enjoyed inside the Netflix app.

Now, lest you think all of your Netflix habits will become public record (Who watched all of Make It or Break It in two weeks on my account? Definitely not me!), all of this is completely voluntary and customized to what you want to share and see. Look for this update soon.


If you like barbecue, good drinks and Sacred Heart Cultural Center, you won’t want to miss the PigJam at Sacred Heart on March 21.

A benefit to help with the expense of maintaining one of Augusta’s most beautiful landmarks, the night will feature music by Sibling String and food by BBQ Barn.

Tickets are $35 and get you food, entertainment and access to an open beer/wine bar provided by AB Beverage and Terrapin Beer Co.

In addition to just
being delicious, the night will feature a raffle with prizes ranging from private golf lessons to a spa day
at Bella Capelli Salon & Spa.

Get more information about the event on Facebook – just search “PigJam at Sacred Heart.”


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