Getting involved and getting a deal


WHAT’S NEW, the mobile-based teen activism community, is getting young people thinking about important things such as teen pregnancy in between rounds of Fruit Ninja or checking Snapchat.

The organization knows that kids are on their phone pretty much 24/7, so their outreach is through text messaging and peers.

After signing up online or through their Twitter or Facebook accounts, teens can participate in initiatives that feel like games but are actually ways to get their wheels turning about how to help their community. After finishing a program, such as Grandparents Gone Wired (kids help their grandparents learn about technology) or 50 Cans (collect and recycle aluminum cans), they are entered to win scholarships and other stuff.


Augusta takes flack for not being hip, but one of our oldest arts institutions is using Instagram in its 75th birthday celebration.

The Gertrude Herbert Art Institute, founded in 1937, is inviting people to celebrate by snapping photos of the gallery, classes, gardens or beautiful architecture at the institute.

Images tagged with #GertrudeHerbert75 will be in the running for a 75-image gallery exhibit of prints to commemorate the anniversary. Cash prizes will be awarded for Best of Show and People’s Choice.

It’s not an original idea by far, with Instagram-related meetups and contests happening all over the country. It’s exciting, however, to see someone in Augusta embrace technology as a way to celebrate who we are as a community.


My absolute favorite time to shop is after Christmas and New Year’s, but not necessarily for clothing. Christmas lights are cheap, and entertaining supplies from tealights to ice chests have their prices slashed way down.

And you should stock up on seasonal colors that fit your décor. You can also get tons of gold or silver items that will work with anything as well.

When you’re shopping, try to single out each item and see it without all of the seasonal context. I have Thanksgiving towels, Christmas pillows and New Year’s lanterns in my house, but you could never tell by looking.



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