The Coupon Lady: shares important shopping days, one of the largest sources for Internet Printable Coupons, wants to share how you can save money this holiday season. I have personally used and trusted for several years.


The site just released its own Official Unofficial Holiday Savings and Secrets Calendar, a guide telling shoppers about the best days to save money on the items they want this holiday season.

“Everyone knows November and December are notorious for being huge shopping months, but oftentimes consumers are left wondering how to best navigate these two months to truly get the best deals,” said Jeanette Pavini,’s household savings expert. “Whether you’re shopping for toys, electronics or groceries for your big holiday meal, knowing the best time to make your purchase can mean massive savings in the long run.” suggests that if shoppers follow Pavini’s calendar, they will find it easy to save money over the next two months. These are Pavini’s key dates this year:

• Nov. 10 is Fill Your Toy Chest Day. Toy retailers are expected to have the highest percentage of items go on sale two weeks before Thanksgiving.

• Nov. 15 is Clean Your Refrigerator Day. How can you stock up on all those Thanksgiving Day favorites without first making room in the Frigidaire? Clear space for the big bird and be sure the freezer has room to hold yummy leftovers.

• Nov. 18 is Get Your Frozen Turkey Day. The average turkey (to feed 10) weighs 16 pounds, which means four days of thawing time, so purchase your turkey the weekend before Thanksgiving to be safe. Buying fresh? Pick up your bird by Nov. 20.

• Nov. 23 is Black Friday. This year, you won’t need your tent and sleeping bag to snag those deals. More retailers will be offering Black Friday doorbusters online. While it’s still a gamble, you can try your luck grabbing one of these rock-bottom deals from the comforts of home.

• Nov. 24 is Small Business Saturday. In support of your local economy, take time to hit your neighborhood shops for unique and personal gifts you can’t find elsewhere.

• Nov. 25 is Deck the Halls Day. You survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday has passed and you showed support for your local businesses. Now it’s time to enjoy Sunday – gather up the family, hang those holiday decorations and relax by the fire. The deals will still be there next weekend.

• Nov. 26 is Cyber Monday. Everyone will be online to grab a deal, bringing scammers out of their caves. Only shop from trusted sites, because chances are there will be a high volume of scams. For added security, log on to a site by typing in the URL yourself, rather than following a link. And when you checkout, look for “https” at the beginning of the URL. The “s” indicates a secure checkout.

• Dec. 10 is Green Monday. Regarded as one of the biggest shopping days leading up to the holidays, retailers can’t resist advertising special sales to get you in the shopping mood. So why not take advantage?

• Dec. 14 is Stamp and Ship Day. The post office in December is enough to send even the most relaxed person into a holiday tailspin. If you plan on sending holiday cards or presents, mailing them today will ensure they get to your loved ones in time for all the festivities and will help you avoid extra holiday and rush postal charges, plus the stress of longer lines later in the month.

• Dec. 17 is Free Shipping Day. No one wants to pay for shipping, so this is a great day to save a bundle on shipping fees if you prefer your packages be signed, sealed and delivered. If your preferred retailer isn’t participating, be sure to check for “free shipping” codes and other ways to save on your shopping.

I found this guide to be extremely helpful in planning for my holiday shopping. I hope you will find some great buys and deals this holiday season.

Happy shopping!



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