Shopgirl: iPad Mini, girls' night out and big discounts



Being right is a good feeling, especially when it’s about a new piece of technology. As I predicted in my Oct. 4 column (thanks, of course, to my reading about it first in the Wall Street Journal), Apple announced a little iPad this week in a media event that I suspect was also engineered to numbers brag on a less-than-warmly received iPhone 5.

The iPad Mini, as it is being called, is exactly that. With the width of a pencil and the same 1024 x 768 pixel display as the iPad 2, it’s a slimmer version of the fun gadget we love so well. And starting at $329, it’s also a much cheaper version.

You can check out more specifics anywhere online, but Apple is hoping to convert the Kindle, Nook and other Android tablet markets with the lower price and more streamlined size.



When’s the last time you had a girls night out, complete with skin treatments and hair blowouts? This Thursday is your chance to get all that and more at skirt! Magazine’s Girls Night Out. The event will be at Tangles of Evans salon and will feature displays, demonstrations and giveaways from SoHo, Evans Dermatology and Windsor Fine Jewelers.

Tangles’ expert stylists will be doing hair, the folks at SoHo will be giving their expert opinions on the hot looks for fall and winter, and of course Windsor will have some of its fantastic jewelry. Evans Dermatology will be conducting skin analysis and showing their Dysport treatment.

The event and everything above is free, but a $3 donation will be taken at the door, and all proceeds will be given to Safe Homes of Augusta. So come out Nov. 1 from 6 to 8 p.m. and treat yourself before the holiday season takes off.



Merchandisers are really trying to move their summer and fall clearance items now that sweater season is approaching. Here are a few places that are discounting their discounts, but keep your eye out for 24-hour flash sales as well.

J.Crew is offering 30 percent off of their final sale items, marked by a red price online. Just type in “ourtreat” when you check out. Banana Republic is taking 30 percent off when you spend $150 or more, and Urban Outfitters will ship free when you spend $50 or more.



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