Pets for adoption at Aiken SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare (2.13.18)

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Baby is a 7-year-old large mixed breed who loves snuggling on the couch and getting belly rubs. She wants to be your Valentine every day of the year.

by: Karen Johnson

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Evinrude is a handsome 10-month-old male. He gets along well with cats and dogs and he will jump right into your lap to keep you warm. *February Cat of the Month - $0 adoption fee!*

by: Karen Johnson

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Barnabas is a sweet 5-year old male who can’t wait to find is forever home! Will you be his Valentine this year?

by: Karen Johnson

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Brom has been here at the shelter since he was a kitten, and he’s ready to see what life is like outside the shelter walls. He’s 9 months old and hasn’t lost his playful spark!

by: Karen Johnson

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Junior is a relaxed 5-year old large mixed breed male. He loves snoozing on the couch as much as he loves going on long walks. How can you resist those spots? *February Dog of the Month -$0 adoption fee!*

by: Karen Johnson

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Gaston is a 6-month-old male cat. He is a wonderful companion who is sweet, affectionate, and loves snuggling other cats. Due to the stress of shelter life, he does not feel his best, and he needs a loving home so he can grow strong and live the life he deserves. Won’t you give him a chance?

by: Karen Johnson

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Ron Purrgundy is kind of a big deal. This 5-month-old ball of fun loves snuggling up with other cats and is always ready to play. Do your cats at home want a new playmate?

by: Karen Johnson

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Timon is a sweet Chihuahua mix who looks like he could be part meerkat. This little man was a stray who was most likely hit by a car. When he was brought to us, we removed the shattered leg and now Timon is feeling better and adjusting to life with three legs. He needs a patient, loving home where he can continue to gain strength and come out of his shell.

by: Karen Johnson

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Sir Galahad is a senior male cat who prefers to keep to himself. He can be a great companion who doesn’t need to be in your lap at all times. What’s not to love?

by: Karen Johnson

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Zacharias is a handsome large mixed breed. He is 2-years-old and can’t wait to show you unconditional love. Netflix and nuzzles?

by: Karen Johnson


The SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare is located at 199 Willow Run Road, Aiken SC.

We can be reached by phone at 803-648-6863.

Adoption hours are Mon-Sat 11am-5pm (last adoption processed at 4:30pm).

Visitors are welcome on Sundays from 11am-3pm but adoptions are not processed until the following day.

We also hold adoptions at PetSmart and/or PetCo in Aiken on Saturdays from 10am-2pm. 

Adoption fees vary but most are between $75-$150 and include spay or neuter surgery, up-to-date vaccinations, testing and a microchip.

Photos courtesy of SPCA Pet Care Specialist Karen Johnson.

See available pets and adoption information online at

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